A selection of films from Kantor project. A collaborative project between FdA Film & Media Arts Production & FdA Performing Arts.

This is an experiemtnal piece inspired by the theatre genius Tadeusz Kantor performed by acting students from Weston Super-Mare College.


Working in small groups, you are to work with Performing Arts students to do a screen adaptation of their ‘Kantor’ play.

This year the following people will be working together:


Filmmakers: Jack Bourne, Zuzanna Geremesz , Bethany Miller, Amber Sandys

Performers: Sara Darwood, Coral Adlam, Chris Humphries, Chloe Newby , Jess Almeida

Performance 1:  9.30am (arrive 8.45am). 9/11/2016


Filmmakers: Georgia Chesters, Jimmy Gray, Ellie Morgan, John Tancock

Performers: Sarah Coward, Celtan Hyland, Megan Pritchard, Ben Cummings, Joe Mc Mahon (Chelsie Walker)

Performance 4:  2.30pm (arrive 1.45). 9/11/2016


Filmmakers: Andrew Davies, Theo Howarth, Robert Moth , Emily Turner

Performers : Cydney Sylvester, Ben Walker, Amy Dawson, Chris Chapman, Jamie Shepherd

Performance 3: 1 pm (arrive 12.15). 9/11/2016 


Filmmakers: Grace Fox, Ryan Mc Knight, Clay Sandford, Natalie Walsh

Performers: Jess Thomas, Lauren Culshaw, Joe Brookes, Claire Finlan,

Seer Dindial

Performance 2:  11am (arrive 10.15am) 9/11/2016

Theatrical Performances: will be on Wednesday 9/11/2016 at Knightstone Theatre, Knightstone Road, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset BS23 2AL 

Development/ Pre Production Meeting: Monday 28/11/2016 at Berkof Studio, Knightstone Road, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset BS23 2AL 

Pre Production/ Schedule Deadline: Friday 2nd December 2016

Filming:  will take place week starting 5/12/2016. Filming should be scheduled for approx 1 day per group. 

Edit Deadline: 21/12/2016. Screenings / Critique in New Year. Friday 6th January 2017 ?

Please see Moodle for full briefs. 

Project: Making films of the Kantor-Inspired Performances


1.     In your group discuss and agree the key components of the recent live performance

2.     Condense the performance into a ten minute film script

3.     Select a minimum of three/maximum of five different filming locations

4.     Ensure you have permission for filming at each location

5.     Carry out risk assessments for all locations and filming (forms will be provided)

6.     Consider exactly what you want captured on film for each moment of your performance – this includes precise camera angles (i.e. do you want tight close-ups, landscapes, etc), soundscapes, etc

7.     Make sure you have a back-up plan should the weather on the day of filming prevent you from using any of the chosen locations.

8.     Performers meet with film crew, Monday 28th November: Berkoff Studio, Knighstone to discuss and agree filming schedule and approach to the film. 

9.     Hand in to me your completed filming schedule and your risk assessment. Deadline for this: Friday 2nd December

10.  Filming to take place week starting 5th December.

11. Edited films need to be uploaded (to Youtube/ Hiive) and on FdA Film drive by Wednesday 21st December. With screenings in the new year.