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“The foundation of film art is editing.”


*Today we looked at some theories of film editing, focussing on the experiments and writings of Soviet Film makers - Pudovkin, Kuleshov, Eisenstein and Vertov.

'At its core, the early Russian film theorists, like Pudovkin, believed that editing, the organization and placement of shots, was a means of expression that was unique to filmmaking — something that wasn’t (and still isn’t) done in literature, theater, paintings, or the plastic arts. “The foundation of film art is editing.”

Pudovkin’s 5 editing techniques are: 1. *1. Contrast 1. 1. * 1. Parallelism 1. 1. * 1. Symbolism 1. 1. * 1. Simultaneity, and 1. 1. * 1. Leit motif.


From: http://nofilmschool.com/2013/10/pudovkin-montage-5-editing-techniques/

Below is a clip of Hitchcock describing the Kuleshov Effect followed by a video essay by filmmaker Evan Richards explaining each of Pudovkin's 5 edtiting techniques in detail, offering examples from contemporary films. Lastly is the infamous 'Odessa Steps sequence from Eisenstein's 'Battleship Pottempkin'.