"What U Shoutin' 'bout?"

Video Installation - Richard Edkins

Below is video documentation from my video Installation "What U Shoutin' 'bout?". The Video Installation features cut up and looped documentary footage I shot, presented across 8 screens.

What U Shoutin’ ‘bout” is a portrait of the anti war and global justice movements. The Video Installation is made up of multiple TV screens, placed on varying head height plinths symbolising a stream of people. Each plinth represents a voice, an individual in the collective. These voices are presented on TV's, challenging our relationship with the media, politics, activism and change.

The screens build up a sound and visual collage, in a surround environment. From a distance it may sound like a cacophony of voices, but as the audience approaches they will be able to pick out voices and a narrative by moving in and around the space and closer to each plinth/ person.

The screens are orchestrated, creating rhythmical montage, individual screens make up a musical/ visual whole. All Interviews were recorded in 2005. I have been asking people what they are campaigning about and asking if 'people power' has a chance of effecting change in today’s climate.

It was first exhibited in Coventry, England, during Coventry peace month, October 2005 amd was exhibited again at The Herbert, Coventry - November 2009 alongside our Interactive Documentary - “An Eye For An Eye” as part of the annual Peace Festival.