'Filmmakers, fans, activists, artists, and media makers have been reediting television, movies, and news media for critical and political purposes since almost the very beginning of moving pictures. Over the past century, this subversive form of populist remixing has been called many things, including appropriation art, détournement, media jamming, found footage, avant-garde film, television hacking, telejusting, political remix, scratch video, vidding, outsider art, antiart, and even cultural terrorism.' Jonathan McIntosh (2012)

This film short is called "Lambeth Walk - Nazi Style" and was made by Charles A. Ridley in 1941. He re-edited existing footage of Hitler and Nazi soldiers (taken from the propaganda film "Triumph of the Will") to make it appear they were marching and dancing to "The Lambeth Walk".

'In the mid-1970s, female media fan communities produced their own form of critical remix: the art form now known as vidding. Following Kandy Fong's pioneering 1975 use of slide shows, groups of female fans began creating vids or fan vids by remixing television and film footage to create works that spoke to female (and sometimes to queer) audiences. Often these works were overtly or implicitly critical of mainstream popular culture narratives.' Jonathan McIntosh (2012)

This is a fair use archived version of Dara Birnbaum most prominent piece of high-art video from 1978 called "Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman". In the remix work she uses appropriated images of Wonder Woman to subvert the ideology and meaning embedded in the television series.
This political remix video was created by the UK scratch video duo The Duvet Brothers in 1984. It was created by combining recorded tv footage with the song "Blue Monday" by the band New Order to comment on class inequality, privatization and the economic polices of the Thatcher government.
Beginning in 2001 Swedish filmmaker Johan Söderberg began experimenting with editing news footage to make it appear as though world leaders were singing pop songs. The series of remixes entitled "Read My Lips" uses song lyrics to provide hilarious biting critiques of politicians.

The speed of which 'Meme's' , Cut UP's ... are coming out now and distributed via Social Media is of course huge now, a recent example is: