"VAPORWAVE is an artistic style that has recently emerged as an internet art phenomenon. The form, though somewhat obscure and disparate due to its predominantly online origins, can be characterized by its trippy and ironic combination of visual references that range from the iconography of classical antiquity (white marble, plaster busts), simplistic digital renderings of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, and the lo-fi aesthetics of CD-ROM imagery especially clip art or early animation. Discussed at length in Reddit discussion boards and underground internet art communities, Vaporwave is defined and redefined by those who make it. The aesthetic is often deployed as a critique of consumerism through its use of satire and ironic nostalgia. It is related to the movement coined “The New Aesthetic” which considers works that often satirically draw on the visual language of the internet and digital technologies." http://www.vivomediaarts.com/new-additions-7-vaporwave/