Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen director of Oscar awarding winning '12 Years as a Slave', 'Hunger' and 'Shame', is also well known for his film and video installation work, winning the Turner prize in 1999 for 'Deadpan' and 'Drum roll'.

In 2006 he produced Queen and Country, commemorating the deaths of British soldiers in Iraq by presenting their portraits as a sheet of stamps.

His artistic influences include Andy Warhol, Sergei Eisenstein, Dziga Vertov, Jean Vigo, Buster Keaton, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Robert Bresson, and Billy Wilder.

A restaging of a Buster Keaton stunt in which a house collapses around McQueen, who is left unscathed because he is standing where there is a missing window.
A new film installation by the British artist and film director Steve McQueen is one of the highlights of the 53rd Venice Biennale. FLYP caught up with McQueen at the Biennale, and the full report is here: