Camera Less Film

At workshops at the Cube Microplex in Bristol we looked at 'Camera Less Film' and 'Expanded Cinema', visiting the projection room, learning about Film formats, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, Imax and Digital Cinema. Looked at a range of Film makers including Spanish Experimental Films - 'Exp no 1' and 'Exp 2' by Joaquim Puigvert and Pintura 1962 -63 by Ton Sierra. We made our own 'scratch'/ 'camera less' film on 16mm.

Below are links to related film makers working in this field, including: Len Lye, Noman McLaren and Stan Brakhage. Plus examples of the technique used in feature films, most notably title sequence for 'Seven' and '24 hour party people'.

This video is an adaptation of the original works; several fragments were edited together to give a short impression of Len Lye's creations. Please view (and buy) the originals where available. Len Lye (05-07-1901 - 15-05-1980) was an artist from New Zealand who made experimental films and kinetic sculptures.

Filmed in Tate Liverpool

like a moth to a flame

Image and edit by iloobia. Produced by The SRK. Cinema iloobia 2012. Music written and produced by T. Maruyama. buy album from DEEP MEDi Store. © Deep Medi Musik 2012 twitter: @deepmedimusik
Video recording of Second Screening of 16mm film made during workshop with George Saxon and Vicky Smith at The Herbert in Coventry. December 13th 2008.

Cameraless Film Art - Vimeo Channel - Animated art created (drawn, painted, scratched) directly on film

Kino Pixel - Cameraless film workshop with George Saxon and Vicky Smith, at Herbert Museum and Art Gallery, Coventry, Saturday 13th December 2008. Documented by Richard Edkins.

This is the intro credits scene for Michael Winterbottom's "24 Hour Party People"(2002),a movie about the rise and fall of Factory Records(1978),founded by Tony Wilson(20.2.1950-10.8.2007)in Manchester, and music bands and events that happened around them. The song is Happy Mondays' one that named the movie.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World | Title Sequence - Art Of The Title Originally posted here (
la minimale esisteva già negli anni '40

This experimental short film by Norman McLaren is a playful exercise in intermittent animation and spasmodic imagery. Playing with the laws relating to persistence of vision and after-image on the retina of the eye, McLaren engraves pictures on blank film creating vivid, percussive effects. Directed by Norman McLaren - 1955

by Caroline Leaf — 1991 Viola writes novels in a darkened room. Marie, her sister and only companion, takes care of her every need. Together, they are an island unto themselves, quiet and complete in their isolation. And then the abrupt arrival of a stranger throws their tenuous order into chaos. An animated short etched directly onto tinted 70 mm film. Production : National Film Board of Canada (