'Bruce Conner (1933, McPherson, Kansas - 2008, San Francisco) is one of the most pre-eminent American artists from the second half of the twentieth century.

Conner’s work emerged from the California art scene and addressed wide-ranging questions concerning American society in the post-war era: from the burgeoning consumer culture to the dread of nuclear apocalypse. In his work he cultivated alternate mediums - now the hallmarks of 21st-century art - adopting different techniques and often creating hybrid pieces midway between painting and sculpture, film and performance, drawing and printing.' 

'Bruce Conner - It's All True' at 'Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía', is the first exhibition to present his work in Spain, bringing together more than 250 works which span his fifty-year career. Including the stunning 'Three Screen Ray' (above).


video essay for bruce conner's 'report'

Cosmic Ray (1962) is an experimental film directed by Bruce Conner featuring black-and-white footage of a nude woman with a pearl necklace, cartoons, and newsreel footage of atomic bomb explosions, all set to Ray Charles's "What'd I Say".

A side-by-side version of Bruce Conner's original 1958 film "A Movie" and Jennifer Proctor's 2010 remake, "A Movie by Jen Proctor."

theartVIEw dives into Bruce Conners "The 70s". The Kunsthalle Wien shows paintings and films by one of the pioneers of today's visual film language we all know from MTV. Although he was friends with the big names of the Beat Generation and Hollywood like Jack Kerouac and Dennis Hopper and influenced several generations of artists and filmmakers he has remained an insider's tip.