Experimental Media

Theaster Gates - Sanctum - Bristol

This is well worth a look: http://sanctumbristol.com/
Until 6pm on Saturday 21st November, Sanctum hosts a continuous programme of sound over 552 hours, sustained by performers, musicians and bands in a temporary structure within the shell of Temple Church, Bristol. Sanctum is Theaster Gates' first public project in the UK, produced by Situations, as part of Bristol 2015 European Green Capital.

experimental media experiments

below is a few films that i made as experiments as part my experimental media. 

as part of my exspermental unit at uni i was shown some stuff simular to this for ideas on what i could do for my own work. So I used it as en exscuse to spend time in class making a crack as there something I like doing.

for part of my experimental unit at university i thought i would play around with some of the effects in final cut.

this is a shot little video that i made while back after being inspired by a kimdao video i watched. you can view the video that inspired me here https://youtu.be/RmilL6aaRUU