3d sound? wait what?

so early this year to coincide inside with their tour AmazingPhil and DanIsNotOnFire made a book. Then today they announced that they have made an audio book version. I was really excited by this and couldn't wait to watch the trailer they had made for this. Thought I wasnt really sure what to expect and when It started off as a video I was like okay maybe it will just be a video where they say that its available to get as an audio book.  Though it was better than that but also messed me up a bit as about 40 seconds in they put a blind fold on the camera as if you where there. They said that we had to close our eyes until they said so. I didn't think much of it thinking it would just be a sound bite but it wasnt. As they had used 3D Binaural’ technology to make it sound they where talking with you in the room. It was amazing but it messed me up a bit as it was like they where standing right next to you. Everything they did felt like it was happening next to you. There was a part where they apologised for getting wet after phil set the curtains on fire to which they used a towel to dry you off. However Dan ends up getting a hair drier and it felt really weird as it really felt like they blow drying you. I remember putting my hands on my head to double check that there wasn't anything there. 

Over all I thought that this was a really cool audio book trailer and so much more than i expected it too be. It did mess me up in a few places. Though having watching this I have decided it would be a cool thing to try out myself as something like this could really be the way forward for things like 4d cinema.  

Granada - freeskate

Wanting to know more I decided too see what youtube offered when I cam across this. I was a bit hesitant to click on it at first as it was a skate video and there is a lot of stigma built up around skate videos of people thinking that they are just shot by hipsters with cameras that have amateur skills. This video on the other hand blows that stigma out of the water as it shows off the city in a visually appeasing way with really slick smooth shots. Though what I like the most that although the video is about the about the skater it atcherly shows you the different sides of the city in a quick entertaining way which I really like/. Thew this video I feel like I have gotten to connect to the different sides of the city though both the eyes of someone looking into the city but also through the eyes of the skater.  

exo fifty shades of love me right

I thought the teaser for exo's new song love me right sounded like x rated song. So feeling inspired I paired it up to fifty shades of grey. For this I chose to use the song crazy in love as I felt that this went well with the rhythm of the clips. I originally wanted to use the chorus as I felt the words would of gone well. However when I added the song to the timeline I found that the beginning went really well. So I chose to use that instead. 

When it came to editing the clips I started by adding all the clips I wanted to the time line. This was a lot of fun but also hard as most clips were no longer than 5 seconds; so I had to use the arrow keys to get the clips precisely right.  Once I had them all on timeline I moved them round to fit the music. This was were I found a few of my clips didnt work so they had to go. I also found I had gaps and that some clips worked but not next to some clips. So I had to go back threw the exo video to find clips that would work. towards the end I was starting to struggle as I didnt want to re use clips but I was running out of exo clips that worked. In the end I reused a few clips just to make the video work the way I wanted.  I think this is only noticeable with one of my clips.   

Once I had finished putting the music and clips together I made all the clips black and white as I felt that this made the video have a more x rated feel to it. I also felt that as the original colours were strange vibrant and grungy colours that they didnt go with the tone of this music like it did love right. I also feel that black and white adds to fifty shades of grey side of the video as those seems to be the tones used for the branding of the film fifty shades of grey. I feel turning all the clips black and white has enhanced the look of the film.    

over all I had a lot of fun doing this even threw all its hardships. I really enjoyed editing like this as It felt like I was editing videos liked I used to a few years ago. When I used to just sit in my room making stories out of different songs and videos or drama's. I want to be able to make more videos like this over the next year.