Stupid Enough - A Film About Creativity

Stupid Enough is a realisation that everyone’s route to a creative business is different.

We’ve all seen those terrifying online lists of the '10 things you need to do' to ensure you get where you want to be, creatively and professionally.

These things are well-intentioned and can be helpful, but can also become a sack of 10 (or more, sometimes) sticks to beat yourself with. What if you hate social networking? What if you live on a remote island? What if you shy away from those ‘crucial’ social gatherings? What if you’re hopeless at paperwork? And cold-calling terrifies you? What if you simply don’t want to follow someone else’s ‘list of ten things’?

They can give the misleading impression that these are the magical steps - and the only ones. Follow them, and success can’t fail to come - ‘one size fits all’.

Stupid Enough is a film in which eight successful and creative people (and they will share their own definition of those words) share their experiences on how they reached their present stage, whatever that might be.

They’re all very, very different. They’ve all tried and failed, struggled, succeeded, cocked up, learned, and kept going. None of them started out with a list of rules or a guidebook. They were stupid enough to have a go, and find their way by applying their natural creativity to every aspect of their business.

And they’re still doing it.

Creative businesses can be organic, unique, messy. They can be silly and unpredictable, and very...human. Watch how these humans are giving it their best shot.


Gareth Edwards // film director. 'Monsters, Godzilla, Star Wars - Rogue One'

Sage Francis // musician

Jonathan Levine // gallery owner

Rebecca Lewis // talent agent

Tom Hare // willow artist

DJ Food // DJ, designer and musician

Louisa St Pierre // agency director and illustrator

Jed Smith // chef

Sarah J. Coleman & Leigh Adams - The Creative team behind this film are coming into Weston College for & Q&A, Workshop and Screening.

Tuesday 19th January 2016. 1.30pm in M015 Performance Space, University Centre Campus, Weston College.

Theaster Gates - Sanctum - Bristol

This is well worth a look:
Until 6pm on Saturday 21st November, Sanctum hosts a continuous programme of sound over 552 hours, sustained by performers, musicians and bands in a temporary structure within the shell of Temple Church, Bristol. Sanctum is Theaster Gates' first public project in the UK, produced by Situations, as part of Bristol 2015 European Green Capital.

3d sound? wait what?

so early this year to coincide inside with their tour AmazingPhil and DanIsNotOnFire made a book. Then today they announced that they have made an audio book version. I was really excited by this and couldn't wait to watch the trailer they had made for this. Thought I wasnt really sure what to expect and when It started off as a video I was like okay maybe it will just be a video where they say that its available to get as an audio book.  Though it was better than that but also messed me up a bit as about 40 seconds in they put a blind fold on the camera as if you where there. They said that we had to close our eyes until they said so. I didn't think much of it thinking it would just be a sound bite but it wasnt. As they had used 3D Binaural’ technology to make it sound they where talking with you in the room. It was amazing but it messed me up a bit as it was like they where standing right next to you. Everything they did felt like it was happening next to you. There was a part where they apologised for getting wet after phil set the curtains on fire to which they used a towel to dry you off. However Dan ends up getting a hair drier and it felt really weird as it really felt like they blow drying you. I remember putting my hands on my head to double check that there wasn't anything there. 

Over all I thought that this was a really cool audio book trailer and so much more than i expected it too be. It did mess me up in a few places. Though having watching this I have decided it would be a cool thing to try out myself as something like this could really be the way forward for things like 4d cinema.