Festival Group Meeting

We had a group meeting about organizing a festival as part of our collaberative Workbase Practice module. Overall the meeting was quite productive, we discussed places the festivals could be held, how long the films entered should be, if they should be themed, who to contact and what to call the festival. I came up with the name 'Southfest' as it suggested that we make it clear the festival is Somerset based. So far 'Southfest' has been the name people have liked but it could change in the future. I contacted Kari Nygard about using the Cube cinema as the venu and sent an email asking about the process of creating an event. I haven't had a reply back from Kari yet so I play to find her around the university campus to try and get things moving forward. Although I skyped the class I did contribute and play a part in the meeting. Other venu suggestions were the Winter Gardens which Ceejay is following up if the Cube is unavailable.