Colour Grading Practice.

I decided to colour grade Poppy and Seb's short film (first years) to practice colour grading for Writers Block. As you can see the first image is the original footage straight from the C100. The second image is my final colour grade. I feel like I'm getting a lot better at colour correcting. I've learnt to use the exposure pallete to make sure the shadows, mid tones and highlights  are within the 0-100. After watching a video on youtube my technique now is to start with making sure my 'blacks' are black' with the 'shadows' and I go from there. Another thing that has helped me and a tip I've learnt from youtube is correcting the highlights and their colours. I zoom in and look at part of the image that should be near white, make it brighter if it needs on the pallete and then take out the colour that it's tinted by on the colour wheel. It's a common issue to have highlights that are blue in original footage, this is easily changed by taking the highlight spot and pushing it to the opposite side of the colour wheel.

It's really important that the shot's are in focus where they need to be when it comes to Writers Block because I've colour graded quite a few times and the C100 has left the data out of focus really grainy and it shows up well on a bigger screen. I picked the shot above to display because it is crystal clear and a beautiful shot. At the moment I normally use the 'Luma' scope for my exposure and 'RBG Parade' for the colour. My next mission is to find out more about the other scope options but overall I can see a huge difference in the standard of my colour correcting skills.