For a few months I had been in contact with a cinematographer and he gave me the opportunity to be on a short horror set. I'm not aloud to talk about the details of the film but what I am going to do is talk about is myself being a runner and what I learned in the 3 full days I helped out.

On set I became really good friends with everyone and this allowed me to ask questions and get involved a lot more. Aside from making cups of teas I learnt how to change lenses, the right way to hold the lens, helped set up lighting and repeatedly used the clapper board. Helping out with 'Vicious' is one of the best things I have done on this course so far, I enjoyed watching the whole process of it being shot and I have a better awareness now of what its like to be on set which will come in very handy for 'Writers Block.' Keith the focus puller explained to me how he uses a tape measure to get the best possible image he can, Neil asked me for help setting up lights and spoke to me about different light gels and about his profession. 

I asked the actors lots of questions and became good friends with them, on the last day I met an actor who works for Icon Movies and he suggested that he help me get more work experience with them. I am going to try and get some work experience with them in an editing suite. After the 3 days I now have everyone as contacts on Facebook and cannot wait to see the final outcome. The DP (Paul Dudbridge) suggested that my PCP feedback form will contain excellent feedback and also the Make-Up artist on set said that 'Jess is the best runner ever' so fingers crossed for the future!