PCP Evaluation

Jedd Talk

I helped film a lecture with the first years at the Knightstone Campus, the footage is lost at the moment due to technical problems but the day itself went really well. Last year I didn't participate in much professional commercial practise so my technical skill at setting up has room for improvement. I mananged to help the first years set up tripods and the C100's and gave the advice to not mess with the master shot and to always have headphones for sound. I would like to see the footage to evaluate further.

Neon 5

The neon 5 project for Weston Hospice I really enjoy and the project suited me. I feel like I communicated with Claire Dibbens very well through email and created an edit that she wanted. I worked well with the others whilst shooting the event and we captured as much footage as we could. Dave and I made many adjustments to the final edit and in the end Claire sent an email saying thank you and the final outcome looked 'brilliant'.

Behind the Scenes for Poppy & Seb

I had a big impact on helping Poppy and Seb behind the scenes of their PA film. We started at 6am and I didn't get home until 10pm. I drove around picking up a few things which made a huge impact on how their shoot went and Seb himself said that Will and I were a big help on the day. I managed to capture funny behind the scenes footage, interviews etc. and Seb messaged me saying it was exactly what he wanted. I really enjoyed the day and it made me feel like I am making progress and it was a good chance to practice my technical skills. I learned how to use the Sony Nex VG20 and was really impressed with the camera.

Setting Up Winter Wonderland

I helped set up the cameras and audio for Winter Wonderland amd again this was a great opportunity getting use to setting up equiptment because I haven't actually done much of that. Setting up made me feel more confident. I was helpful again with trasport and I think the fact that I have a driving license will help me in the future to gain work experience.

Overall So far I am happy with the way my Collaberative Practice is going at the moment and I intend to carry on and do as much as possible to gain experience. I have been working with other students like Ceejay and Will to experiment on different projects and so far feel like I have a good work ethic. I need to improve on my technical knowledge and skill. I have recently found out that I have work experience with Paul Dudbridge in Jan 15 assisting on a short horror, I also plan to push for a day work experience at a colour grading house next year. I am excited but nervous as I don't feel completely confident on set, yet.