Mini Test Shoot

Hey folks, not so long ago me and Jess Cox had a mini test shoot involving blood, bath and an iPhone. Check out her blog I will post the link at the end of this post.

Making the blood was an interesting experience, but the finished product didn't look bad at all! In fact it looked better than the pictures when it was put into a super short film.

Shooting on an iPhone also led to some curious outcomes, the quality astounded me, I guess that's the benefit of having a HD camera built into your phone, the auto focus also proved a little difficult to work with but I think I managed to get the better of it eventually. Finally the phone, not being built for professional film making meant that most of the footage was extremely shaky but with the theme of our film it actually paid off quite nicely.

After this shoot, we have decided to reshoot this scene using better equipment and planning it more than what we did.

Check out Jess's Blog at:

Group Project - Writers Block

Hello again everyone!

So I promised to tell some more about my idea that got picked to go into production for our uni project.

Its called Writers Block!

This was the intial logline to the film, although it has already had a few changes so this may change aswell in the upcoming weeks..

Writers Block tells the story of a young, inspiring author that idolises his favourite writer and sees him as a hero. It's not until he meets him and discovers even he has his flaws.

Hopefully it sounds vaguely interesting to you all!

So roles have been decided and split up amongst my uni gorup.

Tonight has been a very strong start for me as the writer/director. Our Dropbox share folder has been set up and shared out. I also added some files to it, such as; contact sheet, the pitch pack that I prepared a couple weeks ago and also a scene breakdown list.

Also began starting to write the script, its going well so far, but feels like I am barely scratching the surface!

Thats all for now! Speak soon Ladies and Gents

What's Happening

Hello again,

As you would have witnessed on my previous posts, they are fairly unplanned and I do find it hard to sit down and write these posts.

So what is happening ... well quick answer is lots!

We've been privileged with a few guest lecturers lately, which have been great and very inspiring; We had Rich Simms who is a sound recordist, come in and teach us about on set sound recording, Paul Dudbridge who is a DoP, came in and taught us about 3-point lighting and last a producer came in and spoke to us about issues facing young filmmakers and how getting into the festival circuit and planning meetings is key to success.

One of our main projects this year is a group short film project; we all had to come up with ideas which we then pitched to a panel of filmmakers/tutors. This is when something unexpected happened my idea got picked to be made for this project (more on this later)

Another of our three projects is all about self-development and employability, so this is, CV's, cover letters, applying for work experience, doing paid work, working on skills, and all those kinds of things.

Third and finally, another large'ish project for our year is an independent film, similar to the group project this will consist of any test shoots and prep for smaller films, although our tutors expect to see at least a single reasonable sized short film that has been thought out.

So that's all of now, I shall blog more i promise, and it will be mainly about the upcoming group project, short film Writers Block

Speak soon folks!

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I am back! Summer Catch up! Part 1

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a great summer. So what have I been up to; Aug' 25th - I went to Cinema de lux, Cabot Circus in Bristol to watch the latest film in the Planet of the Apes Franchise, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - for the mostpart I enjoyed the film, apart from the scene which I named as "Mega Chimp Fight" although this probably sounds amazing, in context with the rest of the film it felt placed in, I dont think it needed to happen in the way that it did. However as I said I honestly did enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone that enjoyed the 2011 instalment - Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Part 1: Films, TV, among other things :)

Hey Guys!

So I am going to try and keep y'all up to date of what I have been watching and stuffs, aswell as what ive been making!

Soo, lets get to it!

12 Years a Slave    
My rating: 9/10

A lot of Buzz about this one, and it picked up the biggest award at the Oscars (2014) Best Motion Picture and in my opinion, well deserved. I am not sure what i was expecting to see when I popped in to my local Odeon, but it caught my completely off-guard, and kept me glued to my seat! 

The only comments id have to say is that, it almost flows too much narratively, the '12 years' seems to fly past without much notification. I also think that if there were some scenes where nothing happened at all, it would benefit this ongoing monotonous torture that Solomon Northup, was having to endure, it would truly hammer into the audience that he is in an impossible situation with not a hope of escaping back to his old life!

All in all;

A truly outstanding film, and I would recommend it to any one that thought they liked the look of it!