Part 1: Films, TV, among other things :)

Hey Guys!

So I am going to try and keep y'all up to date of what I have been watching and stuffs, aswell as what ive been making!

Soo, lets get to it!

12 Years a Slave    
My rating: 9/10

A lot of Buzz about this one, and it picked up the biggest award at the Oscars (2014) Best Motion Picture and in my opinion, well deserved. I am not sure what i was expecting to see when I popped in to my local Odeon, but it caught my completely off-guard, and kept me glued to my seat! 

The only comments id have to say is that, it almost flows too much narratively, the '12 years' seems to fly past without much notification. I also think that if there were some scenes where nothing happened at all, it would benefit this ongoing monotonous torture that Solomon Northup, was having to endure, it would truly hammer into the audience that he is in an impossible situation with not a hope of escaping back to his old life!

All in all;

A truly outstanding film, and I would recommend it to any one that thought they liked the look of it!