Group Project - Writers Block

Hello again everyone!

So I promised to tell some more about my idea that got picked to go into production for our uni project.

Its called Writers Block!

This was the intial logline to the film, although it has already had a few changes so this may change aswell in the upcoming weeks..

Writers Block tells the story of a young, inspiring author that idolises his favourite writer and sees him as a hero. It's not until he meets him and discovers even he has his flaws.

Hopefully it sounds vaguely interesting to you all!

So roles have been decided and split up amongst my uni gorup.

Tonight has been a very strong start for me as the writer/director. Our Dropbox share folder has been set up and shared out. I also added some files to it, such as; contact sheet, the pitch pack that I prepared a couple weeks ago and also a scene breakdown list.

Also began starting to write the script, its going well so far, but feels like I am barely scratching the surface!

Thats all for now! Speak soon Ladies and Gents