What's Happening

Hello again,

As you would have witnessed on my previous posts, they are fairly unplanned and I do find it hard to sit down and write these posts.

So what is happening ... well quick answer is lots!

We've been privileged with a few guest lecturers lately, which have been great and very inspiring; We had Rich Simms who is a sound recordist, come in and teach us about on set sound recording, Paul Dudbridge who is a DoP, came in and taught us about 3-point lighting and last a producer came in and spoke to us about issues facing young filmmakers and how getting into the festival circuit and planning meetings is key to success.

One of our main projects this year is a group short film project; we all had to come up with ideas which we then pitched to a panel of filmmakers/tutors. This is when something unexpected happened my idea got picked to be made for this project (more on this later)

Another of our three projects is all about self-development and employability, so this is, CV's, cover letters, applying for work experience, doing paid work, working on skills, and all those kinds of things.

Third and finally, another large'ish project for our year is an independent film, similar to the group project this will consist of any test shoots and prep for smaller films, although our tutors expect to see at least a single reasonable sized short film that has been thought out.

So that's all of now, I shall blog more i promise, and it will be mainly about the upcoming group project, short film Writers Block

Speak soon folks!

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