Miguel Fonseca is actually studying at the BA Lens Based Media  to be a Director.

His passion for film has been present since he was a little kid, and when he was 13 years old he made his first film. At that time he had already a wish of mixing the commercial and popular culture with experimental approaches. That experience was filmed with a mobile phone in 2003 and was filmed in the first person, as if it was a video game.

Then, with 15 years old, he managed to make another film, but this time he had more people working with him. It was a comedy based project, and was also filmed with a mobile phone, and edited in the same.

However, studying film was going against all odds and in the middle of an economical and social crisis in Portugal, where he grew up, that was an unlikely option. So he started studying in another field, while working on his own side project at the same time. A film project called Itineris, that consisted in an adventure and fantasy story.

When the opportunity arose of going to the UK, the option of specializing to work in what he likes the most turned to reality. So he entered the FdA Film & Media Arts Production at the Weston College, and has been working on projects such as The Ring, Kantor and Sleeping.

He wants to continue directing captivating stories and refreshing ideas for all the audiences.

Films and Projects


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