Matt Wilson

I am a student on the Lens Based Media course. My main interests are in cinematography and editing. I also enjoyed exploring new experimental methods of creating short films, such as in video games like Halo, and the video capture/animating software 'Source Filmmaker'


A short film based on the hit animated series ‘RWBY’ by Rooster Teeth.

During an event known as 'The Fall of Beacon', Rust Vermilion, a first year student at Beacon Academy, is separated from his teammates and friends. The professional huntsmen and huntresses are doing their best to locate and protect the students. But they are not the only ones searching, or rather hunting, for the students.


After a battle, blue team return to their base to do some chores, but Heavy realises that he has nothing to do. He decides to try and help his teammates, with disastrous results. This is my final film submission for my second year of the Film and Media Arts Production course at University Centre Weston, and is my first ever attempt at an animation.

This is my no dialogue film submission. It is celebrating 20 years of Pokémon and the launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon. The animation at the end was created by Sam Edwards (@sjedwards95)

A short city symphony of Bristol City Centre at night. Camera operators: Matt Wilson, Sam Martin. Photographer: Kirsty Chapman. Edited by Sam Martin, with help from Matt Wilson

The brief for this film was to create a short film that was filmed in only one location. I came up with the concept for this film just under a year ago but I wanted to actually film it at a later date when I had more experience with editing.


A short post-apocalyptic film about a young survivor looking for a mythical weapon from the days before the apocalypse. A short film by Matt Wilson, and Keiran Williams for the Style and Meaning module. Inspiration comes from Mad Max, Destiny, Borderlands, and RWBY 

Zach, Matt, and Will are three friends who were conned out of a business deal, and now are forced to work in a petrol station in the middle of nowhere. This was my first attempt at a Halo machinima, with a lot of inspiration from 'Red vs Blue' and 'CNP'

This is a short documentary about parkour for people who may not know what it is. It is for my university course and any constructive feedback is welcome. The music is Inception - Time (Cyberdesign Remix) . I would recommend checking out their channel as they have some pretty cool re-mixes.

This my first short film I have made for my university course. The brief was a short film between 2 and 5 minutes long about an everyday activity. I know it is not perfect so constructive feedback is more than welome.


A music video I helped make at March’s Birmingham Comic Con 2018. My role was main camera operator, and it was my first time properly trying out my Feiyu Tech A1000 gimbal

The third installation to the Jack Hammer short action film series has arrived! With totally improvised dialogue and a constantly changing script. I was the assistant director, assistant DOP, 1st camera op, and actor.

This is a short film that I created for a university interview. It about a special agent who has some top secret info and must out run his pursuers.

  Bloopers/behind the scenes:

This is the second film in the Jack Hammer trilogy. My roles in this were camera operator and actor.

The first film is below: I


A cheesy non-stop action film based somewhat around Arnie movies. This is the first of the trilogy and focuses on 100% action, 0% story.