The Lost Letter

Logline: Whilst walking along the beach in England, Jake Way stumbles upon an old message in a bottle. The letter details an important treasure buried somewhere in Madrid. Fuelled by the thought of an adventure, Jake travels to Madrid and goes in search of the treasure. But it isn’t what he expected.

The Lost Letter

Synopsis: After visiting his fathers grave, 20 year old Jake Way goes for a walk along a local beach in England. Whilst on his walk, he stumbles upon an old message in a bottle which has been washed up on the shore. Curious, he tries to open the bottle to retrieve the message inside but finds that the bottle has been incased in a wax seal. Jake takes the bottle home where he can remove the message from the bottle. Upon examination, the message details a description of some hidden treasure which is buried somewhere in Madrid. Jake also pulls an old map from the bottle which gives him a rough location of where the treasure is buried. Seeing his Indiana Jones hat sat on the side, Jake is fuelled by the thought of adventure so books a flight to Madrid. Upon finding the location circled on the map, Jake finds a small object, another letter and another map. The map shows a new location which has been circled. The letter informs Jake to go to that location. At the new location Jake finds a similar object and another map and letter which sends him off on the third part of his adventure. The third location finally reveals where the treasure is buried. Finally, Jake finds the treasure - a cigarette tin in which contains a tea stained letter, an old pocket watch and a couple of old photographs. Jake reads the letter which details the story of a young man who volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War in 1937. The letter continues by describing how the soldier knew he would not be returning to England, so buried his most precious item - a pocket watch which was given to him by his wife, in hope that one day, it would be reunited with the one he loved most. Removing the watch from the tin, Jake uses the spider key (one of the objects he finds) to wind it up but it doesn't work. Moved by the dedication this man had for his wife, Jake places the fob watch and letter back in the chest and takes it back to England. Once home, Jake can be seen searching for the lady who the watch belongs to. Finally he dials a number. As an elderly voice can be heard on the other end, the broken watch starts to tick.

Filming Dates

On location in Madrid, February 27th - March 3rd 2017 + Additional filming in and around Weston super Mare

Final Film