Short Go-Pro Experiment.

Ceejay and I decided to create a short film/ experiment of a character in a bath covered in blood. We wanted to create the impression that the character had just murdered someone and gotten into the bath. The whole point of the short experiment was to practise using a Go-Pro and use it underwater. Unfortunatly the Go-Pro didnt work for us and wouldnt record. We decided to shoot with Iphones as another interesting form of technology as we didn't have anything else to use.

The opening shot of the short edit I am happy with considering the circumstances as the fake blood does actually look quite realistic and the bath isn't majorly modern. The use of the iphone creates a 'indie' horror look in surprising high detail. The mobility of using the iphones made the shots easy to get however, some of the shots came out quite shaky. The iphone only has touch spot sensitive focusing which meant that it was quite tricky to get the iphone to stay focused.

We had too shoot the shots quite fast due to the fact that we ran the bath quite hot and the fake blood thin and run. Ceejay and I plan to do the shoot again but with him in the bath and use a Go Pro that works to get what we wanted in the first place.

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