Making Fake Blood

Ceejay and I learned how to make fake blood for a Go Pro experiment. The experiment entailed myself in a bath covered in fake blood suggesting that I had just murdered a person. Unfortunatly, the GoPro didn't work at the time we needed to so we had to shoot all the footage on Iphones.

Here is how to make Fake Blood for future films:

Step 1: Buy Red Food Colouring Blue Food COlouring Flour Golden Syrup (you will also need water.)

Step 2: Put a big spoon full of golden syrup in a bowl and add a small amount of water. stir.

Step 3: Add a small amount of flour to create a thicker consistancy.

Step 4: Add a generous amount of red food colouring and a spot of blue colouring. (Go careful the you don't make it purple)

Step 5: Stir and leave to rest so the mixture becomes slightly thicker.