Blackmagic Cameras

Jamie Stuart wrote a review on Blackmagic cameras and even filmed a short film with two of these cameras. It is interesting that he didn't use any diegetic/non-diegetic sounds but used his own score throughout his film. I think this helps for the viewers to focus on his character's emotions.

“Learning to Like It” is a pure DIY piece of filmmaking. I directed, photographed, edited, scored, colored, composited and even starred in it. When I’m in front of the camera, nobody’s behind the camera. It was shot predominantly in 4k using the Blackmagic Production Camera, with the remainder captured by the Pocket Camera in HD. Post-production was done at 1080p. A review of the cameras can be read at Filmmaker Magazine: Featuring: Eva Hill, Bruce Smolanoff, John Karanikas, Nobuhiro Hosoki, Jeremy Kareken, Sabrina Marr, Captain Louie and Catherine Betta-Jones Cameras: Blackmagic Production Camera, Pocket Cinema Camera (4k RAW, 1080p RAW, 2k/1080p ProRes 422 post-production) Edit: Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014) Color: DaVinci Resolve 11 Lite Compositing: After Effects CC (2014) Music: Garageband w/ Module V Titles/stills compositing: Photoshop CC (2014)