Interactive Documentaries - iDoc's

What is an “i-doc”?

'You will find a number of definitions and points-of-view on what constitutes an interactive documentary. The i-Docs site includes coverage of projects that you may find elsewhere described as web-docs, transmedia documentaries, serious games, cross-platform docs, locative docs, docu-games, pervasive media. ... What unites all these projects is this intersection between digital interactive technology and documentary practice. Where these two things come together, the audience become active agents within documentary – making the work unfold through their interaction and often contributing content. If documentary is about telling stories about our shared world; we are interested in what happens as the audience get more closely involved in this way. At the heart of i-Docs is the question; what opportunities emerge as documentary becomes something that is co-created?'

Notable 'I-Doc's' and Film makers in this field

The trailer of a game based on the 1979 Iranian revolution, as aired on the BBC.
272.000 mujeres y 21.000 hombres fueron esterilizados en la década de los 90 en Perú. Miles han reclamado que esto sucedió sin su consentimiento, pero hasta ahora han sido repetidamente silenciados y se les ha negado justicia.


There are many, many ways you can construct/ build/ design an interactive Documentary. There are several apps you can use including Korsakow, designed by German Filmaker - Florian Thalhofer, and Klynt. I used Korsakow for our film 'An Eye For An Eye', Klynt is by all accounts the most accessible, user friendly of i-doc interfaces.

A Korsakow-Film is like a mini-YouTube for a single author.