More Film Ideas

From the moment that I saw the image of a water pond nearby Glastonbury Tor, in the middle of the baking sun and relatively dehydrated, I suddenly cooked up the image of an exhasted Soldier rushing for the pond to dive into it after hours of longing for thirst. I've since evaluated upon this idea and thought up an entire story for it.

It is set in a time where water is scarce and nearly vanished from the world. Our protagonist, armed with a rifle is searching for the juice, in desperation he kills a man to take his flask, but the flask is knocked to the ground and it seeps into the dry earth. At the very end he seems to enter a vivid environment, and discovers the pond of fresh spooling water. He jumps into and whispers thankyou, thankyou. However we realise from a match cut that he was in fact hallucinating and in reality he most probably fell into a pile of dry mud.

There were problems I found with this idea however after evaluating it over and over. For instance, a Gun might be hard to find and expensive, as well as not looking particularly authentic in a no budget movie. Plus if it were to rain outside during February then it would look strange that in a world without water there was plenty avalible all around.

I since reconsidered the idea of two sibling surviving alone together in an old cottage and discover that the taps have run dry, and are scared the leave the house for fear of getting fatigued and dying. The idea of making it about two siblings was that it would allow them to contemplate the ideas of old days when the world was less painful, and or bring across the idea of possible unseen incest between the two. Several years ago I saw the film 'Come and See' which was set during WW2 in the Eastern Front, and at one point featured the protagonist, a young boy, being partially deafened by a shell exploding nearby, which gives the film the advantage of being able to fill the sound of the next 30 minutes of the film with a faint murmering, that gives the feeling of impending dread, hell like imagery and onericism. I also saw this in the film 'The Rising' at Encounters film festival, which also captured a strange dream like dread experience and also had a perculiar soundtrack in the background of each shot. This I would want to add to the film as it would emphasise the idea of hopelessness and constant fear and dread that is quickly aproaching them.