Antichrist and my Pitch Idea

Recently I finished off Lars von Trier's Despression Trilogy by watching the experimental film 'Antichrist'. The film is about a couple who lose their child after he falls to his death out of the window whilst they copulate. After this the husband takes his depressed wife to a retreat where he tries to help her recover, but the forest feels violent and things seem to slowly take a turn for the worst. Lars von Trier has always been quite a strange director, whilst I liked Nymphomaniac and Meloncholia, Antichrist felt far more experimental and surreal than the others, I still cannot figure out the true meaning behind the film, or if there even is one. However I was very inspired by this film in regards to the visual aspect and feeling of dread that lies throughout the feature. Disturbing images come forward at different sections in the film, A deer with a dead thawn dangling out of her Vagina, a Fox eating it's stomach, and a crow buried alive that doesn't seem to want to die.

For my individual idea it regards a brother and sister alone in a house trying to survive, which in many ways is quite similar in setting to Antichrist. I might borrow certain aspects from Antichrist in regards to the surreal imagery. I was thinking things such as plants that appear the size of trees, an image of insects eating a dead animal corpse, or dreamlike logic such as ants crawling out of someone's hands.

What I found good about Antichrist is that until the very end there is not much superficial action, there aren't any jumps scares or super gore, yet it still comes across as viceral and nasty, probably due to the sex. I also want to replicate this kind of non scary style, not trying to intentionally strike fear into the audience but rather leave them with a weird slightly disturbed and confused feel.