Summer School - Film - Project C6-17B

Project C6-17B

Two mutated boys escape from an M.O.D. Scientific facility and find themselves with new found abilities whilst being considered a public threat! Will they be able to cope in a new reality?

A movie made as part of Weston College Summer School for Film & Media July 28th - August 1st 2014.


    Cheetah Boy    Jack Lintern
    Kangaroo Kid    Danny Mortimer
    Scientist    Dan Smith
    KEIRA!!!! KEIRA!!!!    Keira Gullick
    Security Guard    Kiran Denyer
    Radio Announcer    Kim Johnson


    Camera-A    Matt Filer
    Camera-B    Harry Dellacassa
    Camera-C    Chris Hutchings
    Supported By    Richard Edkins
        Vicky Nelson
        Chelsey Bartlett
        Chris Dixon
        Pete West
        Mark Hankins

Based on the Works of    Laurie McMahon

Filmed on location in    Uphill and Weston super Mare

With thanks to    The Wharf Side Cafe and Weston College