Shooting directly at the sun is annoying

Currently I'm making a side project filming the streets of Weston at Golden Hour in order to learn more about composition and to try to create something that might be different from the usual projects that I normally do which are narrative.

The problem I'm facing with it at the moment, aside from dodging cars, getting the balance of colours right and exposure. 

Its hard enough to keep light consistency with the sun going down, but with these two shots that are only 3 minutes or so apart, one is facing away from the sun, the latter is facing straight towards it. Even in S-log that retains more detail I have to close my ND filter in order to retain sky detail. But the problem is that makes the darker spots more obvious and makes it look like it was shot a long time later.

I've decided in future I'm going to blow out the sky detail even if it doesn't look as pretty because it is more valuable to me that the shadows are retained.
I'm also going to get around this issue by not shooting directly at the sun in the first place.