Colour Temperature - Short film progress

I've decided since the beginning of the year that I am going to make my Final Major Project in a melancholic blue colour tone to empathise the somber feeling and internal struggle of the lead character, but I am now considering transforming the colour tone into a more warmer tone towards the end of the film when we come across the characters ex-girlfriend.


This is the current colour palette for the majority of the film, however at the end this is what I am thinking of making...

This is not simply a matter of these outdoor scenes looking better with warmer palette, this is also a symbolic meaning. The film has been sad up until this time, at which point our hero finally might have a chance to make things better for himself. And when we find out that this is not going to be the case, I am intending the colour to become slowly colder as the character finally accepts his fate and he discovers that his journey has become all but for naught.