Sound Recording Blog - Analog or Digital

I'm still unsure if sound mixing through the SQN is 'true' analog or not, but I do know that for these circumstances I am referring to it as that.
From what I have done via test shoots, Analog appears to be the most pleasing sound, and also the most forgiving, but it comes at the expense of extra time on set and a greater possibility of getting things wrong.

When recording a test shot with Digital Audio, straight from the Microphone into the camera the sound did not feel as good, it felt very tinny and artificial, what was worse was when the audio clipped it was completely unrecoverable, and made it sound very icky and unkind. However when we recorded with the Microphone through the SQN and into the camera, the sound we got out was exceptionally better, mainly due to its smoother roll of when clipping that made it so that even if the audio clipped several times, the overall quality of the sound still came out very nice and pleasant instead of brutal to one's ears.

For the main shoot, we will definitely be using SQN mixers for the majority of the filming, as this gives us the best leeway and will only require a little bit more setting up on production and a bit more practice, which is a small price to pay for the most about of forgiving audio.