Test shoot to test for Sound

Today we did tests on the camera to work out which Cine settings to use and to play around with the sound to test out how we would use it for the project in February.

Whilst we learnt a lot from the Cine settings, but when it came to the sound, something was very off. I connected the Microphone cables into the SQN mixer and at first we could not use it properly as the sound was far too quiet, however I quickly remedied this problem by switching off the attenuator switch which artificially made it quieter than it should have been. I believed that this would remedy our situation, but I was mistaken, because when we listened to the footage through the mixer later, it sounded clear but very very electronic and noisy in the background.

Listening to the footage it would seem impossible to do an easy grade, and I'm incredibly confused as to how this problem came to be in the first place, as the settings appeared to be the same that we did on our first shoot 2 months ago. I will attempt to resolve this problem by the end of next week as this is a serious problem, I am not very skilled in sound design and require as much hands on as possible.

During the shooting we did 3 different takes of each Cine setting. One quiet, one loud and one in between. Overall I found the quietest one was best because the majority of the background chatter was reduced but the sound was still at least usable to some extent. I will use this as further research material in the future, that shooting on as low a setting as possible is probably the best action due to it capturing the cleanest sound quality.