Camera I need for Low Light

The A7S Camera from Sony is a beast when it comes to low priced, high quality tech.

Firstly this camera has more Dynamic Range than the current top dog of professional cameras the Arri Alexa, nearly 14.5 stops. This will enable people to film in different tones of light and dark simultaneously without having highlights blown out or blacks crushed. It also contains in-built gamma settings to allow you pick up the full range of detail in your shots. What DSLR style camera do you know that comes with that!?
Second the camera has a Full Frame sensor, capable of picking up plenty of detail and giving you the full capabilities of the lenses you use. Since it is mirrorless and has such little flange distance, it will enable you to attach basically any lens ever made and not ruin your focus range. For my A7 camera, I tend not to buy really expensive lenses and instead go for the cheaper old fashioned ones, which cost barely anything and enable you to get some pretty good looking shots, despite a loss in sharpness.
And the final killer is the fact that the Noise levels on this camera are almost unnoticeable. You can literally shoot in pitch darkness and only pick up a fraction of the ISO noise that you would pick up on a standard DSLR. What makes it even more sexy is that the light that seems to appear from this is something rarely seen, its a strange greyish light that gives off an oneiric appearance. 

All in all this camera is fantastic, whilst it still contains rolling shutter, lacks XLR ports and sucks up battery super fast, these are easily manageable problems that can be fixed relatively simply.

The three videos I leave below show how good this camera is in low light, and the latter 2 show just how good this tiny camera can be for some professional situations. Better I would argue than most cinema cameras. And its only 1.4k!