Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer [Emotion Picture]

'After weeks of teasing the most consistently sumptuous visuals any artist has released this year, Janelle Monáe today released her album Dirty Computer and its accompanying 48-minute movie, which she's very smartly dubbed an 'Emotion Picture.' The film is packed full of visuals we've seen before (along with tracks from the album), as well as some new treats (Monáe's many outfit changes are one of the many highlights.) It's threaded through with a narrative as compelling as anything you'll see in a movie theatre, telling the story of "a young woman named Jane 57821 who is living in a totalitarian near-future society where citizens are referred to as 'computers.'"

This inventive premise, its flawless execution, and the fascinatingly varied sounds of Dirty Computer that soundtrack it all, cements Monáe's position as one of the entire music industry's leading innovators. At this point, it's hard to see her as anything other than a total visionary, who blends multiple genres to execute a sound and aesthetic that are instantly recognisable as hers. Some might call her a legend in the making, but Dirty Computer, in both film and album form, prove that Janelle Monáe is already at GOAT level.' Lauren O'Neill VICE


Janelle Monae

Mark Locke - Director (Fortmark Films)

'UK writer and director Mark Locke makes films, TV, ads and music vids for bands including Pixies, UNKLE and Dinosaur Jr, plus can do five or maybe even six vaguely impressive 80s BMX tricks. Best known for comedy, Mark’s actually a tough one to pigeonhole, switching between dark, weird, dramatic, moving, cool and somewhat less cool with apparent ease.'

Visit: to see his music videos and find out more about his work. 

'Mark Locke pitched his video for Pixies' Snakes as 'an episode of Breaking Bad directed by Luis Buñuel' - and that's pretty much what he's achieved here.'  More about video at:

'PIXIES - SNAKES Crew: Writer/Director - Mark Locke Director of Photography - Mike Manzoori Assistant Director - Mike Manzoori Director (Pick Up Scenes) - Mike Manzoori Producers - John Santos, Mike Manzoori.

"My idea for 'Over It' probably started when I saw Dinosaur Jr play the UK after the reform in 2005. I hadn't seen any pictures of J in a long time and was quite taken aback by his mane of grey hair. It hit me that my heroes were actually getting older, like the rest of us, but at the same time still blowing bands half their age well away. It got me thinking about the ageing process (it doesn't take much these days!) and how when you get to a certain age a large part of society expects you to give up certain things…" Read More about this music video at:’s-over-it-mark-locke-–-who’s-signed-crossroads

The official video from Athlete for their single Black Swan Song. More about video at:’s-black-swan-song-mark-locke

Black Swan Story, a short documentary film by Richard Edkins & Karen Bristoll follows Joel Pott, singer with British indie rock band Athlete, retracing his grandfathers footsteps in Arnhem. Black Swan Story The full version (43 mins) is now available at 

Mark Locke's award winning video for UNKLE's 2nd single from War Stories LP.More about video at:

New darkly comic OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO from Birmingham 8-piece Misty's Big Adventure, set on a Friday night in a UK town centre! (Mark's native Tamworth, the setting for much of his films, I'm guessing). More about film at:

MUSIC PROMO DIRECTED BY MARK LOCKE. Director of Photography Paul Ullah. Starring Will King and Ella Hall. Also featuring Susie King as The Mum, Eugene Ford as The Dad and Kiah Locke as The Baby.

Visit: to find out more about his work.