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Rianna Tanner

Follow Jess on twitter @TheFilmGalaxy she will keep you up to date with her film making experiences and film interests.

Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Flash, Canon 700D, C100.

 "Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out."- Martin Scorsese.

Jessica Lily Cox is an aspiring filmmaker that thrives on creativity, deep thought process and awakening the minds of an audience. Currently Jess aims to achieve a First BA Hons degree in film studies to later become a lecturer and successful film maker.

 Jess has been heavily inspired by people such as; Steven Spielberg, Andrew W Marlowe, The Polish Brothers, Christopher Nolan, Michael Mann and Mark Duplass. Whilst being a fan of mainstream film Jess also enjoys experimental and indie film and believes that not enough people see moving image as an art-form.

Being heavily involved on work experience and on sets this year, Jess has taken up a keen interest in lighting, she aims to spend her summer building lighting equipment and obtaining more work experience.

See below for work experience and projects that Jess has worked on developing her skills as a film maker.


Jessica Lily Cox-Writer and Director

A short student film about a young girl receiving photographs of herself through the mail from a mystery stalker.

J  essica Lily Cox- Director Of Photography, Head Lighting/ Gaffer & Colourist.    Writers Block  is a short film set in Glastonbury, it follows the journey of a young man's admiration for a washed up writer. This film is currently in the editing process and will not be shown to the public at the time due to future festival submission.

Jessica Lily Cox- Director Of Photography, Head Lighting/ Gaffer & Colourist.

Writers Block is a short film set in Glastonbury, it follows the journey of a young man's admiration for a washed up writer. This film is currently in the editing process and will not be shown to the public at the time due to future festival submission.

Jessica Lily Cox- Camera Assistant.
Professional Work Experience
Benchmark is the inaugural production from the 'Quarterly Shorts' filmmaking programme, a community of passionate creatives, both established professionals and those new to the industry, all hungry to make movies. If you're interested in getting involved with future productions, please get in touch. You'll find us here:

Jessica Lily Cox- Runner Professional Work Experience   Vicious is a short horror film set in one location. This short film is currently in the editing process and will not be displayed to the public due to future festival submission.

Jessica Lily Cox- Runner
Professional Work Experience 

Vicious is a short horror film set in one location. This short film is currently in the editing process and will not be displayed to the public due to future festival submission.

Jessica Lily Cox- Director and Editor
Corporate Work.

Neon 5

Video from charity neon night walk in aid of Weston Hospicecare. Filmed by local students - lasers, dancing, neon and lights to brighten the darkest of Winter nights!

Jessica Lily Cox- Head Lighting/ Gaffer   Limbo  is a student short film about a young girls experience with amnesia. This film is currently in the editing process and will be displayed as soon as possible.

Jessica Lily Cox- Head Lighting/ Gaffer
Limbo is a student short film about a young girls experience with amnesia. This film is currently in the editing process and will be displayed as soon as possible.

Jessica Lily Cox- Gaffer    The Last Audition  is a short film about a young girls dreams to be an actress although her father would like her to be a lawyer. This film is currently still in the editing process.

Jessica Lily Cox- Gaffer

The Last Audition is a short film about a young girls dreams to be an actress although her father would like her to be a lawyer. This film is currently still in the editing process.

A few short experimental projects put together from this year.


Film Student

Ceejay Fulmar is a filmmaker and father of two beautiful girls. 

I would like to go on to make fiction films that have elements of true life events but have the characters work out the difficulties so that it inspires people in bad situations, to take note, and make a positive step for themselves.

Over the last few years I have been part of several professional productions working alongside companies as large as the BBC as well local based smaller production companies. 

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"Writer's Block" - (2015)

Written & Directed by Myself

"Friend City" - Rozi Plain (2015)

I was both Go-Pro Operator and Production assistant on this music video. Directed by James Hankins

"Limbo" (2015)

Directed by Poppy Mobsby. I was DOP/Camera Operator on this Student Short Film.

"Isolation" (2015)

Short student film. Directed by myself. Shot by David Shuttleworth.

"Correspondence" (2015)

I was DOP/Camera Operator on this film. DIrected by Jess Cox.


"Boredom" (2014)

This is a student short film made for my 2nd Year Fda Course. I shot and directed this film.

"Ode to Berlin" (2014)

Residential Film shoot on my Fda course. On this project I was an assistant producer and online editor.

"Schickensalswende" (2013)

A style a meaning project for my FDA. Written and Directed by myself.

"When Milton met Marx" (2014)

Short Film that I was sound recordist on. Directed by David Shuttleworth.


"The Cafe: Series 2" Sky 1 Drama (2013)

I was assistant grip on this broadcast production.

"Going Straight" - Candy Darling (2015)

Directed by James Hankins. I was a lighting assitant on this music video.

"The Last Audition" (2015)

Directed by Sebastian Harris. I was DOP/Camera Operator on this Student Short FIlm.

"Friend's for Life" (2015)

Student Short Film, directed by myself and shot by David Shuttleworth.

"Ben Otterwell: Live @ Loves Cafe" (2013)

I aided Tony Hobden in directing the Filming of this live event.


"Consequence" (2013)

My first film project back in BTEC. A documentary about the effects of Alcoholism and how it affects the ones close to you. Directed by myself.

"Found" (2014)

Project for my FDA, we had to shoot and direct a short film in one day.


"Weston Grand Pier TV Advert" (2012)

I was production assistant on this advert for Weston Grand Pier. In collaboration with Goannafilms.

"The Comet Returns" - Flipron ft. Neville Staple (2012)

I was the second camera assitant on this music video. In collaboration with Goannafilms. Directed by Josh Randall.

"Merlin: Series 5" BBC One Drama (2012)

I was assistant grip on this broadcast production.



Twitter: @CeejayFulmar

Film Student







I have leant a lot there's last 2 years studying FDA Media and Arts Production (Degree). I have developed my skill for be coming a Film maker and Animator at University.

I have also leant how to work with clients, work as team and even working on my own.

For example I have worked with DJ Jack Hill the Youngest DJ, as a group everyone pulled together to make a Music Video, after filming the Music Video it put my self forwards to edit the project and in doing so I got to work with DJ Jack Hill.

A few people in my group filmed a film for someones leaving do, the edit was passed onto me, the edit was prritty strate forwards, putting the clips in the right order, editing the interviews and everyone got awarded for helping out.

My A Day in a Life of a Mannequin film was interesting, beasues it was all done by me and no one else. I filmed, directed, acted, animated and edited every think by my self. The film took around 2-3 months to make (that was only becasue of how long the animation look and editing), the feedback from my friends, family and teachers was fantastic! They all loved the film, because of how one person (me), could make a film with no one else involved and it was funny to some.

One of the best film I made was called:        Enter the Video Game World                                 Why?.. Because I used all of my skills from media, animation and photoshop, in whitch create a film where someone enters into a classic video game!

The only help I had in this film was from a class mate, he look photos of my and filmed me against a green screen. The scenes filmed in my flat I filmed (start & end), the part were I walk into the castle, my class mate filmed and apart from that I did every thing else.

My final major project film - The Masked Man, came out a lot different to how it was originally going to be and was a lot better than I had thought. The original idea for the film was to be about Slender Man, but instead the film turned into a Film Noir, B movie and a victim stalker.

The idea was always changing becoming different from the Slender Man idea, the final changes came after meeting with my actors, because they suggested different things that could make the film better, taking those ideas into account, I changed some aspects of the film.

I filmed the film using my small Sanyo camera, filming on the day was interesting, because of the wet raining weather, my actor didn't mind, they were happy to act and I was happy to film. I was delighted with the skill of the acting, they showed on location and how brilliant the acting was in the finished film.

The only problems we encountered on the day, was during the start of some scenes my Sanyo camera would wouldn't turn on, or would turn off. But that was only for a few seconds, it was because of how cold the weather was. The other problem we encountered, was when filming the last two scenes of the film, the camera battery died on us, but I pulled out my my iphone and we filmed the last two scenes.

I have also filmed a charity event in that was hosted by a group of music students and there teachers where there as support. There was two of us filming at this event me and Nick, we had three cameras, two cameras on tripods that Nick was in charge of them and I was in charge of the other camera. I was getting close up and mid shots and the other cameras where getting Full shot from different angles.

The Dirigo film festival animated logo was done by me, I was given a the Dirigo logo and asked to animate it. I did what was asked of me, everybody was pleased with the finished product and so was I in the end.


Sara Morgan is a Filmmaker, Film Editor & Animator.

About me

I love to make films at University, in my spare time and but most of all I really enjoy editing.


  • Skills for working life
  • Bridgwater College Level 1 Diploma
  • Bridgwater College Level 2
  •  Bridgwater College Level 3
  • I am studying at Weston-Super-Mare University, studying a FDA Degree in Media and Arts.



Portfolio - Examples of my work


Contact Details

If you wish to contact me, my email is listed below:


What I'm doing now?...

I've started my own production group called, FILM SPONGE.
It's all about animation and film, forced on entertainment and entertaining different age groups.

Production Group

FILM SPONGE: Animation/ Film/ Unboxing/ Review/ Other




Film Student

Photo on 14-11-2013 at 11.55.jpg

'If you're functional, it doesn't matter if you're mad' Alan Moore


Will Philip is a human and filmmaker from Bristol.

He gained a Film Studies A level and is currently working for his Film and Media Arts Production FdA.

He lives in Weston-super-Mare with easy access to the surrounding areas.

Will is most happy producing or writing. However he also has experience in other areas of filmmaking.



  • A Level Film Studies
  • Studying for FdA Film and Media Arts Production


Examples of work

This was an ad for the Neon 5 charity event. I was a camera operator on this project.

The was a collaborative project for my first year of my Film and Media FdA. I was the producer and a camera operator on this project.

This was a performance by some students from Bath Spa university. I was a camera operator on this project.

This is a Mumblecore film.

Ben is a member of the band Gomez. This solo performance was filmed and recorded live at Loves Cafe in Weston by the Weston College FdA Music and FdA Film teams. I was a camera operator on this project.

Film Graduate

"The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself"

Peter  Jackson, New Zealand director

"Keep it simple"

Micheal Grigsby, documentary filmmaker


Flexible, adaptable and enthusiastic Film and Screen Studies graduate with thre years' experience in film editing. Proven and effective organisational skills gained working on professional project briefs. Keen to bring energy and a hardworking approach to the team.

If you are interested, please click here for my recent CV.


  • Sept. 2015 - Aug. 2016, Bath Spa University, Bath
    BA (Hons) Film and Screen Studies: 2:1

  • Sept. 2013 - May 2015, Weston College, Weston-super-Mare
    FdA Film and Media Arts Production: First

  • Sept. 2011 - June 2013, St. Brendan's Sixth Form College, Bristol
    3 A Levels (grades B - D) including: Film Studies (B)

  • Sept. 2007 - July 2011, Bredon School, Tewkesbury
    AS Level: English Literature (C)
    9 GCSEs (grades B - D) including: English (C), Maths (B)


I am currently living in Bristol, as a primary residence, while I often live in Plymouth in numerous occasions. Having completed the top-up degree in Film and Screen Studies, I will be graduated on February 2017.

Since I experimented with the old version of Windows Movie Maker several years ago, I became an amateur editor. This led to the development of my interest in film editing. I gained a little experience on film-making while studying A Level Film Studies. I am very passionate on the academic aspects of Film and Media.

I love watching films and TV since childhood. These led to my interest in Film and TV industry in terms of career. 

In 2015, my experimental short film, Let the Bike Ride Itself, either original or short, was selected for the 4th Edition of CineWomen, a magazine representing women artists, filmmakers and choreographers around the world. The magazine was supported by WAC (Women Art Connect).

Projects I was involved in

  • Nov./Dec. 2014, Retirement video for Peggy, Weston College
    Camera operator
  • Nov./Dec. 2014, Weston College Promo, Weston College
    Title designer & animator
  • Oct. - Dec. 2014, Arachnephotia, Weston-super-Mare
    Director and Editor
  • June 2014, Summer Show, Weston College
    Camera operator
  • May 2014, Going Out Out, Weston College
    Director and Editor
  • March/April 2014, Red Flag play, Weston College
    Boom operator
  • March 2014, FdA Music students' performances, Bristol
    Camera operator and Clapper
  • April 2014, Degree Live Show, Weston College
  • 2013/14, Tom Clark lecture, Weston College
    Sound operator and camera assistant

Films and Projects

All of my films (except Dreamer, Vegetable Thing & An Adaptation of West Side Story) that are showing on Vimeo, were edited in Final Cut Pro X. The other three films were edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, and I only edited one of the projects, which are still available on YouTube. 

Short fiction/non-fiction Films

These are my first professional films produced while studying at St. Brendan's Sixth Form. My roles for these films are assistant editor (Dreamer) and light technician (Vegetable Thing).

This film is my autobiography about my friend and I got teased at school. Gossip is a type of social bullying, which did cause an emotional impact as I withdrawn myself from my friend in order to end the eponymous bullying.

I worked as a camera operator during the four days of filming Writer's Block, directed by Ceejay Fulmar.

Throughout the production of Going Out Out, a film for the Performing Arts students, I managed to make this film on her own due to my film partner's illness and absence abroad.

The idea of the alternative way of communication and cultural impact of an owl inspired the film. Encounters Short Film Festival managed to show The Owl in their Digital Library from 15th September for six months after they announced they didn't select this film.

Documentary films

This is one of my favourite films I produced, and it was inspired by my passion for the subject of the film and Peter Dinklage's performances. It has been shown, as a 20 min version, at the Bluescreen event in the Cube Cinema. 

I took the role as the second unit director for this film. I filmed over 100 shots in three days in Berlin on late January 2014. There are the shots used in the film including opening the curtains, the cathedral and even thrushes on the abandoned bike. Some of my shots are combined together like those from 1:59 to 2:20. My favourite shots are those of the graffiti of the girl with glasses, only one of those shots featured in the film from 2:08 to 2:13. My appearance have been featured throughout the film. 

This personal documentary commemorates the 100th anniversary of WW1. Combining the archive footage and shots filmed in London, which reflect the changes between the past and present.

This documentary film about Hayao Miyazaki, celebrated as the rarest auteur in film history. Miyazaki's films and my interest in auteur theory inspired this project that became my graduation film in FdA Film and Media Arts Production. 

An Adaptation of West Side Story is my graduation film in BA (Hons) Film and Screen Studies. This was assigned as a group project and the film has to be set in Bath, which I found it challenging. I contacted to the Bath Operatic and Dramatic Society and they were very keen to be in the film. They took a very big challenge on performing West Side Story in March 2016 and had a experience with BBC, who came to film the documentary about an African guy, who haven't seen a play or perform in a theatre before, in a few years back. 

From the beginning to the opening night in March, my team and I came to the rehearsals, once or twice a week, and we filmed over 100 shots in two months. We utilised one of Frederick Wiseman's documentaries, La Danse (2009), as the main inspiration for the film, which depicts the personal relationship between the filmmaker and the performers. Despite of my personal challenges with my team and the film, we overcame the obstacles by problem solving and our determination to complete the film. This gave me some confidence and the opportunity to work with people in a professional manner.   


During the filming of Courtney's performance, I did a shot of the violinists and a cellist as I pan at least four times and also did a rack focus beautifully on the violinists. This was the main reason that I was very determined to do the editing of this amazing performance. Another reason for taking the role as the editor is my understanding the importance of the shot I had filmed.

I volunteered myself to film and edit Arachnephotia exhibition at the Old Town Quarry, Weston-super-Mare.

I edited the trailer for the Dirigo Film Festival while my team and I organised the selection of 20 films for the festival at The Cube Cinema, Bristol. I took the role as FilmFreeway Co-cordinator for the festival which my team watched and checked over 300 student film submissions from the UK and around the world. The total number of the submissions was over 900 despite it was the first time for my team to curate the festival. 

I edited the FdA & BTEC Showreel for the showcase at the Odeon, Weston-super-Mare. Writer's Block and Femmes de Films were featured in this showcase. 

Experimental / Montage films

Let the Bike Ride Itself is an experimental film, inspired from The Girl Chewing Gum (Smith, 1976), about the director herself give commands to everything around the places in Bristol and Plymouth. I edited the short version of this film to submit to the Depict competition for 90 second films in 2014.

Due to my strong interest in montage and super-cut, I collected over 40 films, featuring strong, independent women, for Femmes de Films super-cuts.

An Adaptation of West Side Story Documentary is Password-protected because it may expect to be submitted to Film festivals. IF THERE ARE OTHER QUESTIONS, DO PLEASE ASK.



 Mob: 07824 344521





Film Student



David Shuttleworth is a Film Maker and Editor. 

He currently resides in the Bristol Area. 

Not being professionally trained until university, David taught himself independently and as of such has a more individualistic approach to his films.

David loves all aspects of film making, from pre-production, location filming, directing, sound design, and cinematography.

He also gets a very big high off Film Analysis, vigorously delving into the deep treasures that artistic films possess.

As well a keen eye for film making he has a Theatrical past as he once trained to eventually be an actor, before finding a great passion behind the camera.

He would love to work for you.


Film Weston - Best Student Film 2015 'Never Worn'.


Experimental Media Blog

Personal CV



  • FdA Film and Media Arts Production (Currently Studying)
  • BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts MMM

Examples of work



Film Student

Photo by Sara Morgan


secret squirrel productions,  cerated by nick stiddard  - Filmmaker, photographer, sound designer, music producer, rapper, independent artist. 

About me     


Nick makes he own short films using up and coming actors and good film equipment his first film who am i was shown at the blue screen event at the cube in  Bristol..


Nick is a free lans photographer and as just finished a exhibition show casing his work a long side indipendent 

text stile artist and girlfriend Josie ewers. he has a Facebook page called moment in time he post all hi photos on there and is selling his work online 



Nick have recorded his own music in a pro studio and has performed all over the south west and talnten  cheddar and Bristol were the first places he perfumed at nick was in a rock rap band called  thorns of demise  but sadly then all wen there septet way after joining different unnis nick went as a solo rapper and has made his own mix taps and perfumed it.

Nick Stiddard is also a freelance photographer and look tack in photos of sun sets and land scape and put on exaction with his girlfriend and tex stele artist  Josie ewers. 

Nick is in the proses of billing his own recording studio and will be working as a independent prodution producer/film maker from 2015. in the keen time he would love to work for you so just drop him a message and he would be happy to help you with any job you have in mined. 

Examples of work

video Block
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this is a sound interrelation i done based around the masters ghost box in this one its a audio box but the next one will be the atcherla ghost box the radio sound you here is an atcherall recording i done with my mate but the rest is sound fx i used in login pro its based to lotion to it in a dark room with head phone and ignore the visheols it about th sound

Film Student


Rianna Tanner is a filmmaker and pizza maker


  • Currently; FDA in Film and Media Arts Production
  • BTEC EXT DIP in Media Production: PPP

Check out my blog @ 

Examples of work:



Twitter: @rianna95


We are very proud of the work our students have produced over the four years our course has been running. Please click on names on this page to view cohort which started in 2016,  use links below to see work from other year groups, Enjoy. 

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FdA Film 2013+

Staff & Guests

Staff & Guests

Many of our students also have profiles on Hiive. Please click on link above to view.

Many of our students also have profiles on Hiive. Please click on link above to view.