Encounters Day 2

I found that today it was interesting and expanding, however very unentertaining and dull at the same time. The main problem came in the form of two sessions of difficult to watch arty films, these included that in the form of super pretentious to overtly offputing. I genuinely felt annoyed at the images I was seeing and even felt like reclaiming my money back at the end of it, I did not feel entertained or inspired by any of the projections today. I enjoy one or two short arty films at a time, but when they are all placed together one on top of each other, they begin to become monontenous and agrovating, so it wasn't an enjoyable experience throughout any of them. Sure, the excrement filled middle segment of the Brazilian short films projections was entertaining more so than others, however this was a Black Swan amoungst numerous dull or un interesting and really badly compromised shorts. There could have been a lot more care taken in readying the segments for projection rather than just showing them as they were. This was further explained in the fact that more than half the audience left before the end of the screening.

On the up side, I did enjoy some parts of the short films segment in 'Force of Nature' which included 5 short films competing against each other. After a shakey start of a 30 minute long bordem infested arty fest, it started to pick up steam when we were shown the experimental film 'The Rising' which was a kind of documentary about the Hogweed flower that is sprouting around England as we speak, it was very inspiring to see such an epic style film based around such a simple concept. The flowers felt like an invasive species and wanted to attack and kill people if they intended on hurting them, it has since given me ideas of what to do for the group project, perhaps that of a dystopian fiction about two people trying to survive on their own.

Overall today was not a very enjoyable today compared to the previous, but I still gathered information and hope to learn more the following day.