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Josh Dury

Primarily, I have been a UAL Student devoted to the field of photography.  Since the beginning, I had the opportunity to study Photography and have been excited to use materials and processes that I have never used before.

I feel the options area made me certain on my pathway for photography. I had the opportunity to be experimental in both Fine Art and Visual Communications.

In my Final Major Project, I am investigating the hidden wonders of the universe – in the field of Astrophotography. My objective was to educate people on the objects that lie above our heads. Doing so, I have been able to capture The Planets, The Sun and The Moon. This stretches out further to celestial events; such as the Transit of Mercury on May 9th I also indulge further into the cosmos – imaging galaxies and nebula seen many light years away.

Eleanor Robinson

I am a student from Bristol. Coming from a background in Fine Art, I was eager to tackle the challenge of doing photography and film at Weston. One of my favourite things I have done is explore digital installation in the option area – I created a moving image piece, which I projected onto a bookshelf in the library. Later on, I enjoyed learning to use analogue processes such as Super 8 cinefilm and working in the darkroom. Learning to express myself artistically has been a really valuable tool for me and I think will set me up in good stead for later life.  I have learned a great deal through this year about art history, different mediums and techniques. It has also given me valuable insight into the creative industry, which I am sure I will be a part of after I finish my degree in English Literature.

Ellen Kendall

I am a student on the Photomedia pathway of the UAL Art and Design foundation Diploma, currently working towards an exhibition for my Final Major Project. I am exploring creature design through drawing and model making.

I am inspired by nature, architecture, science and machinery, as well as fiction, particularly sci-fi and fantasy. I think this is apparent in the work I have done for this course, which has often been based on and inspired by the world around me.

My favourite area of art to work in is 3D design, both the designing and making of models, puppets, sets and props. In this course I have explored wire, paper and ceramic sculpture, woodwork, textiles, latex and plaster casting. Next year I will be studying Modelmaking at the Arts University Bournemouth and hope to follow a career in this area. I think this course has been a great way to develop a wide range of skills to better prepare me for University.

Lucy Taylor

I am currently a student on the UAL Art and Design Foundation Diploma at Weston College studying Photomedia, I am still exploring a selection of areas within the subject which are each helping me form my own individual style.

I think that this course has allowed me to explore a wide variety of other subject areas that I wouldn’t usually have looked at, this has also been a contributing factor towards the development of my individuality as an artist. When I look back at the ranging types of work I have done and the styles I have explored, I feel that they each play a part in almost telling a story of how I got to where I am today.

Next year I am going to Bath Spa University to study Photography for three years, I am very eager to continue learning new techniques and processes which will carry on developing me as a Photographer and will hopefully push me towards a future career in Photography.

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Victoria Stevens

Predominantly I am a Photomedia student on the UAL Art and Design Foundation Diploma at Weston College.

It is an extremely enjoyable course that has taught me to push the boundaries of my photography work. This is due to the briefs set within the Photomedia option, but also the Fine Art and Fashion options by challenging the form I worked in previously to support tactile outcomes from a variety of processes.

For my final major project I aim to investigate the connection that I have to nature and if others feel the same. I’m a city girl who loves being outside in green spaces; walking, cycling or riding come rain, wind, or shine. When I’m out and about, I’m able to relax and separate myself from life stresses

Finally I'm getting to the photomedia part of the immersive installation I want to build for my FMP - Engaging in Nature. This is a 30sec video that shows the three types of paces I am dealing with when editing for my final film. All shot by me with my Nikon D3100 and edited on Final Cut Pro X Top Left - close up, inquisitive, where I explore plants with slight roaming camera movement and a use of manual focus, slow paced Top Right and Bottom Left - the walking perspective, the camera movement has more sway to it. Bottom Right - a much faster pace, perhaps escalates a bit too fast. I'm sat in a moving car with my camera pointed upwards towards the trees as they blur past. See sketchbook for more explanation.

This winter I undertook an Animated Exeter commission working with the international artist Tal Rosner on a project called LIGHTSTREAM, which took place on Fore Street February 2014. It's was a collaboration between several HE institutions (South West Animation Network) responding to a live brief set around the work of Norman McLaren. The experience was invaluable because I was cooperating with groups of people throughout the design and final set up process for its public performance. This is the work I produced which was my contribution for the group I was working with. All circle designs were created by me in Adobe Illustrator and then all these circles were put into Final Cut Pro X and voilà. It was then coupled with my friends' time-lapse work. All ran on a loop for 3Hrs on Saturday 15th February.

Danny Ablitt

I am an 19 year old photography student, exploring different techniques and style in still photography and moving image whilst using social websites to promote my work and express who I am as an individual/artist.

During this year I have created a brand on the word permission. This brand included photographs, videos and installations.

This year has allowed me to explore and expand my skills and techniques to produce the best work I can, I have enjoyed the different areas of art in this one year Ual Art foundation course at weston college.

This is my final film for my project Discover.
This is a video that created on the footage captured upon a recent visit to New York from 24th- 28th February 2014, using the editing technique of multiple layers.

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