How to Capture footage from the Sony Z7 and Z5 to Final Cut Pro X at Weston College

Any footage filmed on the Z7 or Z5 needs to be converted before it can go into Final Cut Pro X.  There are a few steps to take so please take your time and follow each step. If you skip a step or try to do this differently it may not work and you could waste a lot of time and effort. Here goes...


1st thing to do is to go to room A109 and log in to the Mac Pro on the left.


Import all of the footage you need from the card reader to the Storage on the Mac Pro.


Once its all imported open the Application called 'Free MTS M2TS Converter' the icon looks like this..


Open a new finder window and drag in ONE clip to the panel on the left.


In the settings drop down Choose the following option


Next you'll need to match all of the settings from the SOURCE (which is the Z7 footage) with the TARGET.  You can do this by clicking on each drop down and adjusting it to match as close as possible.