The Isis propaganda war: a hi-tech media jihad

'Isis is using techniques plundered from movies, video games and news channels to spread its message. Who is masterminding the operation – and what is the best way to counter it?'

A thought provoking article by Steve Rose in the Guardian, that looks at the use of film propaganda in war.


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Film Club

After much discussion as a group we decided that we would like to create a club/organisation for film. This ‘club’ will encourage young film makers/students and anybody with a passion for film to recognise that film is an art form. Through social events such as film screenings, open submissions from the public, volunteers asking the public about the film industry we aim to grow bigger and network. There are many questions arising about the film industry that can be controversial such as; is Hollywood a money grabber? Does Britain really have a film industry? What is happening in the BBC?  How do the general public really view film as an audience? Are people aware of short-film? As a social club all sharing the same passion we will be able to come together and answer these questions and maybe even begin to start making changes in our community.

Our next step is to come up with a name, logo and marketing info for this club and create a social media page for us all to communicate with each other. After gaining more attention and making ourselves look more professional we can then begin to enter into the public and kick start our ‘organisation’. We also made the decision to use social media to inform, promote and communicate with people whilst our organised events are happening regularly.