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My name is Becki Couch and I'm an 21 year old FDA Film and Media Arts Production graduate. I have been studying film for over 6 years and have made several films, both for myself and clients. My main interest is in classic Hollywood films which have greatly inspired me with my scripts and the cinematography of my films. Although I have mainly focused on script writing and directing I have also worked as an camera operator, director of photography, editor and producer.

The photo at the top of the page is my own I took as part of my experimental unit research.


FDA Film and Media Arts - First

BTEC Media Production - D* D* D

Film Studies GCSE - B

Examples of work:

My 2016 showreel.

A short documentary about the recent resurgance of vinyl records.

A short trailer I produced to advertise Dirigo Film Festival 2016

The life of a book given as a Christmas present in 1945.

Using modern day and archive footage, the film explores Weston-super-Mare's prosperous days as a seaside resort and compares it to modern day abandonment and regeneration.

Private eye Mr Mercury gets framed for murder by the newest European actress in Hollywood, Marie. 

Made for my style and meaning project, I incorporate the codes and conventions of classic Film Noir.

Using 8mm film I created an experimental film about distored memories.

Working with performing arts student to create a short film based on the ideas of thater director Tadeusz Kantor (1915-1990)

City Symphony film by FdA Film & Media Arts Production students from a residential filming project in Nantes, France February 2015.

A documentary about St Nicks Market in Bristol, focusing on the people and history of this unique market.

The first film I made for FDA Film based around the theme of taking an everyday action and making it cinematic, in this case putting on make-up.

A short city Syphony I made in Bristol capturing some of the best locations within the city.

A short documentary telling the story of cinemas origins from the pioneers of the first films till the first full talkie "The Jazz Singer".

Made for my final major project in BTEC Media Production.

A 30 second hand drawn animation I did for a fictinal book store. Made for my BTEC Media animation unit.

A short advert I made during my BTEC Media production course for the British favorite Bassets sweets. Made using a mix of live action and stop motion animation.

Client Films

Weston College (Weston Super Mare) have shared their video with us - this was filmed in autumn last year (2013). It shows the students following Environment Agency's Bristol/Avon and Somerset field teams to find out what makes up a day in the life of a flood operative.

This was a film I helped make with the enviroment agancy in and around somerset.

CUTV - Christmas Show 2013 

I worked on the CUTV (Weston colleges TV channel) Christmas special as head scriptwriter.

Above is the full episode in four parts. 

7x7x7 Marathon Challenge 

Jason smith and 6 other runners set themselves a challenge of running a marathon each day for 7 days in order to raise money for 7 different charities.

I worked as a team of film makers asked to film the event each day as it progressed. Our footage was shown on BBC Points West on 2nd June 2014.

Above are some pictures taken from the event.





Film Student


Emily is a film maker based in Weston super Mare and currently studying an FdA in Film and Media Arts.  

Coming from a music background she started filming gigs and making music videos before she made her way into film.

She enjoyes producing, directing, screenwriting and assistant directing and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge moving onto the BA (Hons) CAPS. 

Examples of work:



Mob: 07939 519167


Film Student


Experimental Media - What We Think About When We Think:



Style and Meaning:

Professional Commercial Practices: (Camera, Editor, Music Curator)

Film Production Skills: (with Becki Couch)


Film Student


Seb is a film maker based in Weston super Mare and currently studying an FdA in Film and Media Arts. Below is a portfolio of his films. He runs a company called White Wave Motion Pictures which specialises in promotional videos. 

Promo Videos



Mob: 07824 534 950

Art of film and media student

contact details:


mobile: 07973214202

About me:

Hello I am Lizzy aka Seanto, creator of Cloudburst Media Corporation. I'm a 22 year old girl studying the art of film at university, which means I love learning about ways in which I can tell a good story. This is illustrated throughout the media I have produced, which is showcased on my youtube channel, and through the online forum roleplay that I take part in. The internet is a hugely relevant resource for me as it helps me stay connected with the things I love. In the future I want to make travel videos for a living. Though If given the chance I would also like to produce some mumblecore and korean styled dramas. Though at the same time I love all things related to making film. 

I have travelled in Europe, where I very much enjoyed the new experiences I had and hope to go to South Korea, China and Japan in the near future where I plan to immerse myself in the culture, including K-Pop.

In addition to my media productions, I have a background in Graphic Design, which I have integrated into my filmmaking, through my interest in typography and layout. I have also put my Graphic Design skills to use by producing things like logos, flyers and posters, for my course .  

This page illustrates my skills and vision as a filmmaker, so please enjoy watching.

Showreel 2016 


"This girl is damn talented! Move over Michel Gondry!"- Heather Lawrence 12th of July 2015

Newest video:

just a small section of clips of what paris looks like bokeh style.

Films I have created 

Client-based Projects

BTS 2. two scene test shot for ghosts. Filmed and edited by me.

BTS 1. night scene test shot for ghosts. Filmed and edited by me.

filmed and edited a the opening night of the weston college zoo exhibition 

second camera operator and sound recordist for a piece biased on kantor

edited blooper reel of ghosts crowdfunding.

film and edited a bts of the dirigo night I helped run. 

editor for charity biased film raising money for spring board. 

assistant director and camera man for a film where a lunch gets munched

Film Student

Contact:                                                                    Email:                             Work:         Mob: 07892683530


An aspiring Producer and Film Maker based in Weston-super-Mare and originally from Crawley, currently studying an FdA in Film and Media Arts.


Client Work

Year 2

Independent Short Films


Year 1

Short Films

Professional Commercial Practice

Barry Island (2015)

Barry Island (2015)

I currently work for myself as a free-lance Film Editor. My main client is Speed Communications who are based in Bristol. 

Film Maker & Student

I am about to finish my foundation degree in Film & Media, I am looking for permanent employment within the industry, preferably as a film editor.  


Level 3 BTEC Media Production at Weston College

Currently studying FDA Film and media arts production

I have a wide range of client based work and experience. 

Film Student

Hello! My name is Harley and I am film student based in Weston Super Mare for the meantime before i pack my bag and head off to Brighton to begin a new adventure. 

I specialise in promotional videos and short films. I am also a musician by trade so enjoy producing music videos. 

I enjoy thrillers, dramas, documentaries and anything brave and thought provoking. 

Please take a moment to watch some of my work and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

Thank you. 

Examples of work:





Film Student

Mini Bio

Alex Shepherd is an enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge and achieving personal goals. His aim is to work within the film industry, Alex has made his own short films to show his skills as a filmmaker.

Alex has a Youtube channel called 'chewbaccawakka', which is where he uploads his films.

When he is not making films, he is watching films.

Alex's favourite movies include The Big Lebowski, Goodfellas, The Dollars Trilogy, Evil Dead 2 and Die Hard.



Previously a student at Wiltshire College Trowbridge

Examples of work:

University Films

Collaborative Work-based Practise

Alex Shepherd Showreel (2011-2016)

This showreel highlights the films that I've worked on from 2011 to 2016, films that I've made for myself, Weston College and Wiltshire College Trowbridge.

Dirigo Film Festival 2016 Trailer

social media manager


Everyday Activity Assignment


director/editor/camera operator/sound recorder/writer

Documentary Assignment

WCR Community Radio Documentary

director/editor/camera operator/sound recorder/

Style and Meaning Assignment

The Hired Gun trailer

The Hired Gun

director/editor/camera operator/actor/writer

Blood and Sweat


Experimental Media Assignment

Fast and Furious Wacky Races




IDEC Weston Super Mare 2015

camera operator/boom operator


One Location Film

Dream Sequence

director/camera operator/editor/actor

Dream Sequence - Extended Cut

director/camera operator/editor/actor

Three Location Film

The Thief

director/camera operator/editor/actor


Group Projects


camera operator/sound recorder

Dirigo Film Festival 2016 Trailer

Social media manager

Greenconnect Conference 2015



Final Film

Play Dead For Me

director/camera operator/editor/social media manager

Play Dead For Me Trailer 1

Play Dead For Me Trailer 2


Films from other courses

Final Film Project


director/editor/camera operator/actor


Master Sensei

director/editor/camera operator


Werther's Original Horror


Sci-fi film


director/editor/camera operator

Anti-drugs advert

Think Before You Do Drugs

camera operator

Short film

The Hitman

director/writer/editor/boom operator

Camera practice

The Serial Sprayer

camera operator/editor


Personal films

Clarendon Secondary School Camera Club Project

The Midnight Drifter

animator/camera operator/editor

Personal Film

The Damned

director/editor/camera operator/writer/actor

Personal Film

House of Killers

director/writer/camera operator/editor/actor

Personal Film


director/editor/writer/camera operator/actor





YouTube channel:


Film Student


Sam is a second year FDA film student at Weston College.


Examples of work:

Films I have Directed. 

More of my work can be found at: 

Blood & Sweat is currently a working progress, it's still a rough cut.

Ghosts is another unfinished film

Films Where I have had other roles.

Writers Block.

A short film I Cam Opped and Clapper Loaded for.


A short film I was clapper loader and assistant sound recordist.

Neon Five - After Dark.

A corporate film I Cam Opped for.

The Last Audition

A short film I was clapper loader and assistant sound recordist

The Big Day

A short film I was Assistant Director and DOP for.


A short documentary about the city of Nantes that I DOP'd and Cam Opped.

The Seagulls and the FA Cup.

A short documentary I Cam Opped for.




Twitter: @wiggles1992


We are very proud of the work our students have produced over the years our course has been running. Please click on names on this page to view cohort which started in 2014,  use links below to see work from other year groups, Enjoy. 

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FdA Film 2017+

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BA Lens Based Media 2018+

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FdA Film 2016+

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FdA Film 2014+

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FdA Film 2013+

Staff & Guests

Staff & Guests

Many of our students also have profiles on Hiive. Please click on link above to view.

Many of our students also have profiles on Hiive. Please click on link above to view.