About Me

I'm Hannah Andrews, a UCW student studying FdA Film and Media Arts Production. I have learned many different skills, and can take on a variety of diverse job roles. I aim to work mainly on music videos, and focus on the directing and the artistic side of the production, though I also have a strong interest in working as a first assistant director. Here is a portfolio of some my work.


Films and Projects

Nathan Bradbury


I’m Nathan Bradbury and I am currently studying FdA film and media arts production. I have worked in all areas of film production, Directing, Director of Photography, sound recordist, First AD and camera operator. I pride myself in my ability to work in different areas of film and I’m always wanting to learn more. Here is a short portfolio of some of the work I have done within the last year at University.


Films and Projects


Edward Bugler


My name is Edward Bugler and I am a film student studying FdA Film and Media Arts Production at UCW (University Centre Weston). My main skills include editing, creating motion graphics, stop-motion animations and sound recording; I am confident in my in depth knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Dragonframe 4.

My Name is Edward Bugler and I am currently studying Film and Media Arts Production at UCW. Here is a showreel showcasing a few of my skills.

Films and Projects

Simmer is a short film that takes place in the early 1960s in France. An eerie atmosphere accompanies a French housewife’s craftsmanship when preparing a potful of tomato soup. Tension rises from the moment the oven is switched on and the ingredients are chopped, mixed and stirred.

The Grand Latino Dance is part of the 3 big outreach projects that St Paul's Weston are doing over the year. The aim is to bring both the English-speaking as well as the Spanish-speaking communities together for a night of fun, food and dancing.

Group University Project. Filmed: Lisbon, Portugal Worked as First AD
After sourly losing a bet, Lewis has been ordered to perform a makeshift ritual designed to summon the devil, documenting his results with nothing but a Polaroid camera.

Lake is a short observational documentary which showcases the wildlife that inhabits Backwell Lake and the litter that puts a dent in the otherwise beautiful scenery. Litter is and has always been something that has a negative impact on the environments health and aesthetic. The environment is only one of the victims of litter, the animals that live in these environments are also in danger of the overgrowing waste. The film compares the way nature appears with and without litter, and how this affects the wildlife.

A documentary exploring the devastation of the Great British earthquake of February 17th 2018.

After being littered on the pavement, a determined Thatcher’s can embarks on a mission to be recycled and nothing will stop it.

Nature is tranquil and peaceful and must be protected from the industrial and invasive ways of modern civilisation.

Other films I’ve worked on

  • Sound Recordist - Among Us Teaser (Grace Fox)

  • Sound Recordist - In Your Shadow Teaser (Clay Sandford)

  • Director, Videographer & Editor - Salmagundi UCW Arts Festival (Richard Edkins)

  • Sound Recordist - Albion (Lorna Davey)

Lorna Davey


About Me

Second year Film and Media Arts Production student at University Centre Weston.


Films and Projects

Craig GeDYE


About Me

I’m an aspiring filmmaker, currently studying film at UCW. I prefer to focus my skills towards being a Camera operator or a Director of Photography. I preferably work on short films and music videos, but willing to do anything else for experience.

Below is some of my work




Collaborative Projects

Scott Morgan


In 2017 I set up my own travel documentary brand called Explorer Buddies, working in partnership with my wife. Making travel documentaries for our YouTube channel, focusing on our travels in our own hand made camper van, as well as wild camping and hiking adventures. 

In a short time we have made some very fast progress. Achieving 16k followers on Instagram @florence_and_the_morgans. We have over 5k subscribers to our YouTube channel - Explorer Buddies, with views of over 30k on our most popular travel documentary. We were signed to a media agent – Media Drum World and an article in the Daily Mail was published telling our story. We were invited to be ambassadors of a handmade camper van festival Camp Quirky. We have developed the production values of our films, with each new film we produce, incorporating new filming and editing techniques and improved film making equipment. Please visit the website link for more details on Explorer Buddies.

I am currently studying on the Film and Media arts production course at UCW in Weston-Super-Mare. 


Films and Projects

DAniel Kirkwood


About Me


Hi, I'm Daniel Kirkwood, film maker. From pre-production right through to post production I've spent the majority of the last decade devoting my time to learning the skills of the industry.

I aim to achieve excellence and feel pride with everything I work on.


Films and Projects


My 2017/18 Films:

Everyday Activity ‘Kettle’

In Britain, we all love a cuppa.

Experimental Media 'Voices'

Other films I've made this year

My films in 2018/19

Client Based Films I’ve Worked On

Additional Projects:

Live Video - Tropicana

  • Weston Airday 2018

  • Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show

  • Martin Kemp Back to the 80’s

  • Trevor Nelson Soul Nation

Live Video - King Sound Reinforcement

  • Haven Holiday Annual Members Conference


Motion Graphics - Various

Georgia PAYNE

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 12.25.31.png

Just an average gal living with a boyz name <3


Films and Projects

We are very proud of the work our students have produced over the years our course has been running. Please click on names on this page to view cohort which started in 2017,  use links below to see work from other year groups, Enjoy. 

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Staff &amp; Guests

Staff & Guests

Many of our students also have profiles on Hiive. Please click on link above to view.

Many of our students also have profiles on Hiive. Please click on link above to view.