Dirigo Film Festival is a student film festival run by FDA Film and Media from Weston College. The Festival takes place at the Cube Cinema in Bristol late January. 

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Sense Of Place

The purpose of this project is to develop collaborative working practices across disciplines. Fusing ideas from Photography, Film & Media Arts to respond to this brief in imaginative ways. Working in pairs or small groups, collaborating across FdA Film & Media Arts Production and FdA Photography in Practice. 

Brief – Sense of Place

Investigate an area in our locality, and produce a piece of work responding to or capturing this space.  Exploring the use of Still and/ or Moving Image plus Sound Design. Text or dialogue is optional. As is Narrative. The resulting works will be showcased online and in a gallery environment. You may wish to explore how the audience engage with the work. Screen? Projection? Mobile? Print? Mixed Media? Installation? Single Shot? Other ? 

Please see Sam's Prezzi below and links to related projects, some of which share the same or similar title/ theme. For use as inspiration, research... 

Sense of Place 1

Sense of Place featured the work of eight Australian artists united by their exploration of the boundaries of national identity, cultural propriety and social paradigms, all through the medium of moving image. Organised by dLux MediaArts, Sense of Place included artists Kate Murphy, Justin Shoulder, Sarah Goffman, John A Douglas, Brendan Lee, Laith McGregor, Darren Sylvester and Liam Benson.

National Geographic

Travel photography is on the surface a very simple endeavor. Go to a faraway place, stand in front of something you can't see at home, and take a picture. What's so hard about that? Well, I may have just described a way to take a travel photo, but it's also the recipe for generations of boring family slideshows (or Facebook albums.) Travel provides transformative experiences, it can even change your life. But how do you capture that kind of emotion in a picture?

Sense of Place 3

Sense of Place: European Landscape Photography at BOZAR, featuring 160 works by more than 40 photographers. The exhibition explores the idea of the national and regional landscape in the context of a united Europe. Sense of Place is particularly poignant in the light of the current economic climate where the concept of a united Europe is on course to be significantly altered and disrupted. The exhibition features the work of Andreas Gursky, Massimo Vitali, Olafur Eliasson, Joan Fontcuberta, Pedro Cabrita Reis and Carl De Keyzer, each of whom provides a personal vision of the landscapes of their homeland. Sense of Place was on show from 14 June until 16 September. www.bozar.be.

'Sleaford Mods – Invisible Britain is a feature documentary that shows the most relevant and uncompromising British band in years sticking two fingers up to the zeitgeist and articulating the rage and desperation of those without a voice in austerity Britain.

The film follows Sleaford Mods on a tour of the UK in the run up to the 2015 General Election, visiting the neglected, broken down and boarded up parts of the country that many would prefer to ignore.

Part band doc, part look at the state of the nation, the documentary features individuals and communities attempting to find hope among the ruins, against a blistering soundtrack by Sleaford Mods.'

'In the video, Commonwealth, Davies shifts her focus between three distinct types of ceremonial activity taking place within Sheffield Town Hall: the citizenship ceremonies, the council meetings and a one-off brass- band performance, which was orchestrated at the artist’s request in one of the Council’s ceremonial chambers. Davies’ editing blurs the edges between these different contexts; fragments of sound from one location bleed over into the frame of another, offering an aural sub-text in which unexpected parallels and analogies are made. She draws attention to the points where the collective identity of a group becomes frayed at the edges, to those brief interludes within a ceremonial performance when the mask of duty or anonymity momentarily falls to reveal signs of the individual beneath.’ Emma Cocker, (2009)


'Vertigo Sea, a three-screen film, first seen at the 56th Venice Biennale, then at Arnolfini Bristol, is a sensual, poetic and cohesive meditation on man's relationship with the sea and exploration of its role in the history of slavery, migration, and conflict'. (more)

John Akomfrah talked to TateShots about how he navigates between the gallery and cinema and what compelled him to make Vertigo Sea.

Sense of Place by Apotropia

SENSE OF PLACE - 2015. Live A/V Performance | Multi-channel Video Installation | Single-channel Video

'The term “sense of place” may describe both an arrangement of features that makes a place unique and the sensation and perception of place as experienced by the living bodies that belong to it. The body is our general medium for having a world and our relationship to space is inevitably connected with culture and shaped by the kind of bodies we have. Sense of Place is one of the chapters that constitute the DROP project. A work by APOTROPIA. Dance: Antonella Mignone. Music: Cristiano Panepuccia.'

Goldfinch (Prologue)


www.channelbeta.net //////// The Empire State Building filmed for 8 consecutive hours from dusk till dawn of the following day, shot on the night of the 25th of June 1964 from the 44th floor of the Time Life Building. "Empire" is an object-trouvé, a ready-made that prefigured todays webcam images.

Groups (Picked out of a hat)

Kieran & Mike, Jamie

Nemo & Miguel

Ryan & Charleen

Kirsty, Matt & Sam,

Laura, Jack & Jordan

Tunde,  Phoebe & Alex

Alice & Farhath

Jessie & Mel. (Tom (Not in))

Georgia, Tanicka & Alex Price - (Not in)