The concept behind the show was based around the stages of censorship. Taking Banksy and the controversial nature of graffiti as main inspiration, the exhibition is the conclusion of the journey taken by designers from 2014 Graphic Design Graduates.

Designers on the Work Based BA (Hons) Graphic Design Course at Weston College in partnership with Bath Spa University present this exhibition that is travelling from Bristol Paintworks to Weston College and then onto New Designers in London. 

The concept behind our show is based around how our creativity as designers is constrained by the stages* of censorship. Self-initiated, real-life projects have been developed around a range of issues including; community, social and health and education all with the potential to be used in real life situations to make a positive change in society.


This is Censored For Show (CFS)
Uncover the future of limitless design
The client //  Consider client’s demands
The brief // Consider audience’s needs
Society// Consider legal and moral issues


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