POOOL is a collective of artists from Creative Arts courses at University Centre Weston, linking a range of disciplines including Film, Media, Photography, Arts, Graphics, Music & Performing Arts. We encourage our students to use Cahootify in order to showcase their work, to look for opportunities to collaborate and to post projects looking for people. 

Visit https://cahootify.com/ to create your own profile, include UCW and course you are in your bio. Update your profile adding projects to your portfolio (videos from Youtube/ Vimeo, Audio from Soundcloud, Images...)

If you have a project you want to post as an opportunity (i.e. looking for actors, composer, designer, make up...) you can post this by adding an opportunity on Cahootify. Click here to view opportunities on projects

If you want to look at profiles of students at UCW then click here or search via people with skills (add UCW as keyword, you can add multiple keywords i.e. UCW makeup , UCW Film

Many students and subject areas also have pages here on Poool.